Rules on submission of final theses at RU

Approved by RU Executive Committee on December 20 2016

Electronic copies (on pdf) of undergraduate, master and doctoral thesis in all RU schools must be submitted to the repository Skemman (

PhD students must submit printed copies as well, in accordance with the rules of the four academic schools, at RU main reception (in the Sun) before 16:00 on a given submission date. 

Final thesis should be open for reading at RU Library and/or in the repository Skemman, in accordance with RU Open Access Policy, which was approved by RU Executive Committee on November 13, 2014. Open access to a final thesis in the RU Library is an open access publication according to Icelandic Law No. 73/1972 on copyrights. 

Access to a final thesis can be closed by the author, e.g. if the thesis contains confidential information. An example could be delicate information which the author, from a legal point of view, has no rights to publish (personal information, business information, e.g. information that the collaborating partners want to keep confidential). It could be valuable information from a financial point of view (the thesis contains a business idea, information on and/or description of a product, idea or a process/method, which could be exploited commercially or possibly eligible for patent protection).

A student wishing to close access to a final thesis must submit an application about the closing of a final thesis (Request for closed access of a final thesis). The application is submitted via e-mail to the office of the academic department in which the student is enrolled.

Please note that each school has its own rules on layout and structure of final thesis.

[1] Refers to a given submission date for the final version of the thesis, with extra time due to possible corrections of the thesis after the thesis defense.


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