"Of course there are no problems, there are just different solutions"

Hera Grímsdóttir, chair of the Department of Applied Engineering

Reykjavik University´s Department of Applied Engineering emphasises the application of new knowledge. Teachers integrate professional teamwork in courses and students complete a wide array of projects that they design, build, and test themselves. This prepares students for a workplace where interpersonal skills and technical knowhow both contribute to a satisfying and successful career.

Most of the courses offered within the Department of Applied Engineering are at the diploma or BSc level and are taught in Icelandic.

The CDIO way 

The Department of Applied Engineering is a member of the International Cooperation Network for the Development of Technical Education CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate). This network has some 100 progressive universities as members and its main emphasis is on the quality of engineering and technology studies.