Research Council

Research Council

The role of the Research Council is to promote and advance research within the Reykjavik University School of Law in both domestic and international contexts.

The Research Council is composed of three faculty members appointed by a faculty meeting for a term of one year at a time. One of the three assumes the responsibilities of chairperson.

The principal function of the Research Council is:

  • To work on the formulation of a research policy within the School of Law. Work on the policy formulation shall be carried out in consultation with faculty members and other members of staff as required. A policy shall be formulated for two years at a time. The Council introduces and presents its policy once a year to a faculty meeting, which also reviews the results for the previous year
  • To establish and maintain research cooperation with domestic and foreign researchers, in consultation with academic teaching staff within the individual branches of law.
  • To develop an evaluation system for qualitative analysis and self evaluation of research work within the School of Law.
  • To formulate a policy on research cooperation between academic staff and students
  • To monitor the progress and status of research work within the School of Law.
  • To assist in the organization of seminars and conferences held by the School of Law.


 Council members:





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