RU Center of Financial Technology

The objective of the FinTech is to experiment with and develop technologies, data resources and services that promote innovation in financial service offerings and encourage the development of startups. 

Moreover, to foster interdisciplinary research (form inside and outside of RU) on financial technologies and the potential implications of technology and regulatory changes on financial services and the financial system (including monetary system).

In addition the FinTech center shall have an explicit goal to promote student projects and thesis work on topics related to the center´s agenda.

The FinTech center will focus on the following themes:

  • Technologies and implications (block chain, cryptocurrencies, regulations)
  • Data collection, data analysis and modeling
  • Virtualised interactive customer experiences
  • Foster an ecosystem of innovation and startups in the area of FinTech
Each theme is broadly defined, and refers to technologies, methods, models, implementations and experimentations that relate to the main themes.

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