Preliminary studies

Preparation for university studies

Brautskraning_frumgreinadeildReykjavik University (RU) offers a one-year university preparatory programme through the Department of Preliminary Studies. The programme is designed for students who wish to qualify for entry to University level education. The main objective is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to undertake studies at university level. The programme is a bridge between post-secondary and higher education, and targeted at four main groups:

  • Students who have finished a recognised post-secondary vocational training programme.
  • Students who have completed a pre-access course (Menntastoðir), and have been working on the labour market.
  • Students who have studied at post-secondary level, but have not completed their studies.
  • Students, who have completed post-secondary education (matriculation examination), but need more preparation in Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, to enter a higher education programme.

Course description

The preliminary studies programme is equivalent to 100 FEIN (Icelandic upper-secondary school credits) and takes ten and a half months to complete. On successful completion of the programme, students receive the Preliminary Studies diploma (frumgreinapróf).

Subject Tracks:

Students follow one of four pathways, or tracks, which prepare them for specific undergraduate careers.

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Studies
  • Business
  • Legal Studies

The programme covers the following topics (depending on track choice); Icelandic, Danish, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History of Ideas, Computer Science, Programming, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Methodology and Economics , Practical usage, Sciences, Statistics, Excel.


Entry Dates: The Preliminary studies programme offers admission once a year in the fall semester.  

Entrance Requirements:

  • Icelandic is the language of instruction: applicants are required to have advanced Icelandic skills.

Students must fulfill at least one of the following requirements 

  • Recognised post –secondary vocational training or Journeyman's examination.
  • Post-secondary pre-access course (Menntastoðir).  Work experience is also desirable for students in this category.
  • Partial completion of post-secondary college education. Students at a minimum should have completed at least one course in: Icelandic, Mathematics, English, Danish (or other Nordic language) and Information Technology. Students will also need to show considerable work experience.
  • Students who have completed a matriculation examination, but do not have sufficient modules in one or more of the STEM fields to undertaken their chosen degree.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the office of Preliminary Studies or the programme administrator. 

Málfríður Þórarinsdóttir

Málfríður Þórarinsdóttir

Head of Department

Open hours: Wednesday 13-15
Gunnhildur Grétarsdóttir 

Gunnhildur Grétarsdóttir

Project Manager 

Open hours:  Monday & Wednesday 13-15

 Full programme information can be found on the Icelandic website, Frumgreinar


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