Technical support

The IT department at Reykjavik University is responsible for technical services. They provide user service at the reception desk in the Sun between 9 - 12 and 13 - 16 on Mondays – Fridays. Students can also browse the help page at and send them a help request at:

Please read our rules for users:

  • Students have to comply with RHnet Acceptable Use Policy, and RU rules concerning usage of the network and facilities.
  • Students have access to RU's computer rooms as long as the rooms are not being used for teaching.
  • Students get personal identification (username and password) to access RU network and IT systems.  Students are responsible for securing the confidentiality of their identification and they may not disclose their identification to others. Students' accounts are active as long as they are registered as active students at RU.
  • RU reserves the right to view and delete data and software stored on students' spaces within the network.
  • Students may not use RU facilities to violate copyright. Storage or distribution of illegal content is prohibited from RU facilities.
  • No software may be installed on school computers or their configuration altered.
  • Students are not allowed to bring food or beverages inside computer rooms.
  • Violations of these rules may lead to exclusion from the RU network. Severe or repeated violations of these rules can lead to exclusion of the student from RU.

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