List of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors

Department of Law Chair

Eiríkur Elís Þorláksson
Associate Professor
Cand. jur. LL.M King‘s College London
Research area: Private Law, Judicial procedure, Enforcement Procedure Law

Professors, Associate professors and Assistant professors

Dr. Andri Fannar Bergþórsson
Associate professor
Cand. jur. University of Iceland, Ph.D. from Copenhagen University
Research area: Capital Market Law and Company Law

Dr. Bjarni Már Magnússon
Cand.jur.,  MA in International Relations , LL.M, University of Miami and
Ph.D  University of Edinburgh
Research area: International public Law especially aw of the Sea

Dr. juris Guðmundur Sigurðsson
Cand. jur. Dr. juris University of Oslo
Research area: Law of Torts, Insurance Law, Maritime and Transport Law

Dr. juris Gunnar Þór Pétursson
Cand. jur.   LL.M and Dr. juris University of Lund, Sweden.
Research area: European Law

Halldóra Þorsteinsdóttir
Assistant Professor
Cand. jur University of Iceland, MBA University of Iceland
Research area: Private Law, Media Law and Consumer Rights Law.


Hallgrímur Ásgeirsson


Senior Scientist
Cand. jur. MSc.  Boston University, LL.M  Leichester University
Research area: Research area: European Law, Securities regulations

Heimir Örn Herbertsson
Senior Scientist
Cand. jur. University of Iceland
Research area: Competition Law

Kristín Haraldsdóttir
Senior Scientist
Cand. jur.  LL.M University of Lund, Sweden.
Research area: Property Law, Engergy Law, Law of Natural Resources

Dr. Margrét Einarsdóttir
Cand. jur. LL.M. University of Cambridge
Research area: European Law, Judicial procedure and Methodology

Dr. Margrét Vala Kristjánsdóttir
Associate Professor
Cand. jur.   LL.M University of Texas at Austin, MPA from University of Iceland
Research area: Administrative Law, human rights and Law

Páll Þórhallsson
Senior Scientist
Cand. jur. DEA from Robert Schuman University in Strassborg, 
BA in Philosophy and Political Science from University of Iceland
Research area: Media Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law

Dr. Ragnhildur Helgadóttir

Cand. jur. LL.M and S.J.D. University of Virginia
Research area: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Social Security Law

Stefán A. Svensson 

Senior Scientist
Cand.jur University of Iceland
LL.M.  Cambridge
Research area:  Private Law and Company Law

Svala Ísfeld Ólafsdóttir 
Associate Professor
Cand. jur. MA in Sociology, University of Iceland,
Diploma in French for Practical Purposes, University of Iceland, Master's Level Diploma in Criminology, University of Iceland,
Research area: Criminal Law, Criminology

Þóra Hallgrímsdóttir
Senior Scientist
Cand.  jur.University of Iceland
Research area: Insurance Law, Compensations

Dr. Þórdís Ingadóttir
Associate Professor
Cand. jur.   LL.M New York University School of Law
Research area: Public International Law, International Institutions, International Criminal Law





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