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15.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: Predicting weather-related transmission line failures using machine learning

Roddy Akeel successfully defends his master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, July 15 - After conducting his studies, Roddy Akeel successfully defended his master's thesis where he attempted to improve reliability assessments by developing an informational tool that predicts weather-related transmission line failures. Roddy's work was supervised by Ragnar Kristjánsson from Reykjavik University, and Samuel Perkin from Landsnet. 

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9.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: 3D Modelling of Faulting and Intrusion of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, Colombia

Chelsea Arlette Magpantay Cervantes successfully defends her master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, July 9 – After conducting her studies, Chelsea Arlette Magpantay Cervantes successfully defended her thesis where she used ArcGIS and Leapfrog to create 3D subsurface models that integrated geoscientific data about the Nevado del Ruiz stratovolcano. Chelsea's work was supervised by Juliet Newson, from Reykjavik University, and Daniela Blessent from the University of Medellin.

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4.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: Alternative heating systems for northern remote communities: Techno-economic analysis of ground-source heat pumps in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada

Evelyn Gunawan successfully defends her master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, July 3 – After conducting her studies, Evelyn Gunawan successfully defended her thesis where she analyzed the possibility of using geothermal energy as a heating alternative to the diesel furnaces currently being used to meet residential heating demand in the capital of Nunavik. Evelyn's work was supervised by Juliet Newson, Páll Jensson both from Reykjavik University, Jasmin Raymond, and Nicolò Giordano both from INRS.

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13.6.2019 : MSc Thesis: Feasibility Study including preliminary design of a Micro-cycle binary power project with direct use applications for a single low temperature production well in Grafarbakki, Iceland

Victoria Nyaga successfully defends her master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, June 13 – After conducting her studies, Victoria Nyaga successfully defended her thesis where she designed a micro-cycle binary power plant and analyzed the feasibility through technical and economic perspectives. Victoria’s work was supervised by William Scott Harvey and Juliet Newson from Reykjavík University.

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22.4.2019 : MSc Thesis: Financial Modelling and Analysis of Power Project Finance: A Case Study of Ngozi Geothermal Power Project, Southwest Tanzania

Chagaka Kalimbia successfully defends his master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, APRIL 22 – After conducting his studies, Chagaka Kalimbia successfully defended his thesis where he performed a detailed financial and economic analysis for a 30 MW geothermal power project in Ngozi. Chagaka’s work was supervised by Páll Jensson from Reykjavík University. 

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10.12.2018 : Geo-scientist turned energy trader

Gaynor Mcllraith makes her way to Denmark

Gaynor Mcllraith graduated from the Iceland School of Energy (ISE)  in July 2018 with an MSc. in sustainable energy science. She graduated from the Queen’s University with a BSc. in environmental sciences and geological sciences. 

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Lindsay Allen

Iceland has some of the best geothermal resources worldwide.


I had the opportunity to get involved with professionals from leading Icelandic companies.

Samuel Perkin

The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning is invaluable in an increasingly complex and connected world.

Máté Osvald

Mate Osvald

I am now well prepared to work in an international, multicultural environment.

Almar Barja

I had the unique opportunity to combine economics, technology, engineering and science into one comprehensive degree.

Carlos Atli

Iceland has to be one of the best places, if not the best, to study sustainable energy.

Lindsay Allen

The fieldwork, experienced teachers, and industry collaboration make ISE the perfect place to further my studies of geothermal energy.


Studying at Reykjavik University gave me the chance to learn from the very best.


Maria Carmela Marino

I am very pleased with the curriculum, freedom of research and academic quality of the program and love living in Iceland.

Carlos Atli Cordóva Geirdal

The one of the reasons I chose ISE, is Iceland's involvement and experience in the field of geothermal energy.


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Iceland: A renewable energy nation

Iceland meets virtually all of its electricity and heating needs from renewable resources and is a world leader in sustainable energy development.

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