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Sustainable development

Making the planet greener

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Making the planet greener

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21.11.2017 : New Course: Energy Resources

Thoughts and feedback

REYKJAVIK, November 21 – What sets the Iceland School of Energy (ISE) graduate program apart is its unrivaled commitment to emphasize industry involvement in student education. Following the completion of Energy Geology course, students were introduced to Energy Resources, a rigorous two-week module taught by a number of industry experts. In this recap, readers can review the course from both the student and professor prospective.

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31.10.2017 : Meet the Industry – October 2017

A first-hand perspective on the OR CarbFix project

REYKJAVIK, October 26 - Continuing the highly anticipated tradition, the new class of ISE graduate students launched the first Meet the Industry (MTI) event of the season. For the Fall 2017 premiere event, ISE welcomed Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir from Reykjavik Energy (Orkuveita Reykjavíkur, OR) to talk about their innovative CarbFix project. Sandra is geologist at Reykjavik Energy and was a part of the original team who developed and optimized the CarbFix procedure.

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16.10.2017 : ISE Workshop: Energy in the Arctic

ISE hosts the Energy in the Arctic workshop, kicking off the 2017 Arctic Circle Conference

REYKJAVIK, October 12 – In anticipation of the annual Arctic Circle conference held at the Harpa, ISE proudly hosted a workshop titled Energy in the Arctic - A Firsthand Perspective. With over 80 attendees, the event was very well received. Keeping true to the theme of the Arctic Circle, the workshop focused on the sustainable development of energy projects in the Arctic, as well as the research cooperation agreement between Québec and Iceland. Focus on this agreement sought to serve as an international role model for trans-border research.

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9.10.2017 : MSc Thesis: Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Based Model for Advanced Diagnosis of Synchronous Generator

Nicholas Mark Randall successfully defends his master's thesis

REYKJAVIK, September 22 – Master's candidate of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Nicholas Mark Randall, has just successfully delivered his master's thesis project, investigating Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) data to create an event detection algorithm where generator behavior under relevant operating conditions is simulated. Throughout his work, Nicholas was supervised by Dr. Joseph Timothy and Dr. Ragnar Kristjánsson here at Reykjavik University, along with System Operator Guðjón Hugberg Björnsson from Landsnet.

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5.10.2017 : New Course: Energy Geology

Thoughts and feedback

REYKJAVIK, October 5 – The Iceland School of Energy is all about constant improvement and unveiled their new program structure for the fall semester, including modular courses like Energy Economics, Energy Resources and Energy Geology. Now nearing it's completion, visiting professor David McNamara gives his thoughts about their new course module, Energy Geology. Conor Bennett, first year ISE graduate student also shares his perspective, as a non-geology major.

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4.9.2017 : 2017 Summer School Recap

ISE masters students share their Summer School experiences

REYKJAVIK, September 9 – During the sunniest time of the year, the ISE hosts their annual Summer School, where students from around the world come to Iceland to learn about sustainability and renewable energy. This year, students Drew Anderson, Jillian Verbeurgt, Joe Bott, Kieran Read, and Rafay Rehman create a video diary of their experiences during the 2017 ISE Summer School. Full time masters students Jillian, Joe and Kieran elaborate, sharing their thoughts in hindsight, now one month into their program.

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Lindsay Allen

Iceland has some of the best geothermal resources worldwide.


I had the opportunity to get involved with professionals from leading Icelandic companies.

Samuel Perkin

The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning is invaluable in an increasingly complex and connected world.

Máté Osvald

Mate Osvald

I am now well prepared to work in an international, multicultural environment.

Almar Barja

I had the unique opportunity to combine economics, technology, engineering and science into one comprehensive degree.

Carlos Atli

Iceland has to be one of the best places, if not the best, to study sustainable energy.

Lindsay Allen

The fieldwork, experienced teachers, and industry collaboration make ISE the perfect place to further my studies of geothermal energy.


Maria Carmela Marino

I am very pleased with the curriculum, freedom of research and academic quality of the program and love living in Iceland.

Carlos Atli Cordóva Geirdal

The one of the reasons I chose ISE, is Iceland's involvement and experience in the field of geothermal energy.


Geothermal winter

Iceland: A renewable energy nation

Iceland meets virtually all of its electricity and heating needs from renewable resources and is a world leader in sustainable energy development.

Energy in Iceland


Internships: Work with the best

Each semester Iceland School of Energy offers several internship positions with leading energy companies in Iceland for our students to participate in.

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A group of students in neon vests visit a geothermal powerplant

Unparalleled energy site access

We take the classroom out into the field to working renewable energy sites and the expertise of the professionals working there.

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