Research Centres within ISE

Coordination of research activities undertaken in areas of special interest is one of our main aims. Within the framework of Iceland School of Energy, research centres are set up to secure that.

Research in Arctic Energy matters

The Future Arctic Energy Network focuses research efforts on the Arctic Region. It is a non-partisan, non-profit initiative supported by the Icelandic School of Energy at Reykjavik University. It aims to create opportunities for students and young professionals to join the discussion on Arctic Energy issues through platforms like the Arctic Circle.

Research in Geothermal Operation

The Geothermal Operations Research Group focuses its reseach efforts all aspects associated with the utilization of geothermal energy, but pays particular attention to the electrictiy generation and district heating aspects. It is the expressed aim of this research group set up under the framework of the Iceland School of Energy to combine the strength of both academic and industry research and give students and young professionals a chacne to work on real world projects.

Research at RU

The goal of Reykjavik University (RU) is to develop powerful research that strengthens its international reputation, infuses its teaching with new ideas, and provides both industry and the community with new knowledge. Research, and research based study programmes are conducted in cooperation with some of the most prestigious researchers, research institutes and universities in the world.

RU has developed a productive research environment for Icelandic and foreign scientists. Approximately 143 academic employees (assistant professors, associate professors, professors, adjuncts, post-doctoral fellows, guest professors, and other specialists) currently work at RU on various research projects in collaboration with both domestic and international research institutions and companies. The university has also achieved the results of publishing more scientific articles in its fields of expertise than any other university in the country.

At RU, internationally recognised research is emphasised and the university has set a clear and progressive research strategy. In the last couple of years, many important steps have been taken to enhance research and the academic strength within RU.

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