Iceland School of Energy is a unique institution within the sphere of sustainable energy production and consumption. It was founded by three industry leaders in Iceland: Orkuveita Reykjavíkur (OR), Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), and Reykjavík University, who are working together to provide education and research in the field of sustainable energy. These three founding organisations act as the primary partners and joint owners of the Iceland School of Energy.

Reykjavik Energy (OR)


Reykjavík Energy (Orkuveita Reykjavíkur; OR) is a world-leading geothermal energy company. For the last decade, Reykjavik Energy has led the way in the establishment of new geothermal power plants and has decades of experience in harnessing geothermal resources for both electricity generation and district heating.

Through their four subsidiaries, Veitur, ON Power, Reykjavik Fibre Network, and CarbFix, OR has become the largest utility company in Iceland, providing most of the capital city region with electricity, hot and cold water and broadband internet.

OR at Iceland School of Energy

Reykjavik Energy provides expertise to our programme that ensures we have the most up-to-date career focused curriculum. Professionals from the company serve as thesis advisers and teach specialist courses. ISE students have had access to plants owned and operated by Reykjavik Energy, and several students have joined OR in their research and development department for summer research positions.

Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR)

geosurvey Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), established in 2003, is a leading provider of scientific and technical expertise to the geothermal industry in Iceland and abroad. The company has six decades of continuous experience in the field of geothermal and hydropower research and development. Iceland Geosurvey offers consulting services worldwide on most aspects of geothermal exploration, development, and utilisation, and provides training and education on related issues. Iceland Geosurvey has provided consulting, training, and scientific services to the Icelandic power industry and the Icelandic government, as well as to numerous foreign companies and governments all over the world.

ÍSOR at Iceland School of Energy

Iceland Goesurvey have been able to lend their expertise through serving as thesis advisers, providing summer research placements, teaching specialist courses, assisting with field work, and advising on ISE curriculum development. Iceland GeoSurvey also serves as a contact to the Geothermal industry worldwide.

Reykjavik University

HR_logo_hringur_lowres_1625320636440The Iceland School of Energy is a department within the School of Science and Engineering at Reykjavik University. Reykjavik University (RU), Iceland's largest private university, is a dynamic international university with over 3000 students, offering a first rate education. The University is committed to academic excellence and is renowned for its outstanding teaching and unique relations with Icelandic industries and public institutions.

The University is comprised of two main schools: the School of Technology and the School of Social Sciences. Reykjavik University welcomes international students seeking a creative academic working environment to join us here in one of the most dynamic and unique countries in the world.

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