Expertise From All Sectors

By bringing together the best from industry and academia, Iceland School of Energy provides unique and comprehensive training for its students. The wide range of courses, taught by the very best in their field, open a broad spectrum of possibilities for students and allow for individual study paths. Focus is put on close collaboration with industry experts while maintaining high academic quality of the work.

Full-Time Graduate Studies

Iceland School of Energy offers four 24 month 120 ECTS master's degrees:

Sustainable Energy

For those interested in:

  • facilitating the implementation of renewable energies such as wind, hydropower, and geothermal
  • development, economics, or operation of a geothermal resource park
  • geothermal exploration
  • energy law and regulation
  • energy related start ups / business / entrepreneurial activities

The Sustainable Energy Programme may be right for you.

Sustainable Energy Engineering

For those interested in:

  • geothermal power plant design
  • wind turbines and modelling of potential output
  • fluid dynamics and thermodynamics
  • developing technologies suited for extreme conditions
  • power to X (fuel, hydrogen, gas)

The Sustainable Energy Engineering Programme may be right for you.

Electric Power Management

For those interested in:

  • power systems operation
  • energy storage and transportation
  • smart grid technology
  • electricity economics and markets
  • data-driven analytics and control

The Electric Power Management Programme may be right for you.

Electric Power Engineering

For those interested in:

  • power components structure and design
  • power system structure and design
  • electric power generation
  • stability and control
  • solving engineering problems

The Electric Power Engineering Programme may be right for you.

Dual Degrees

Aalto University Finland: MSc Electric Power Engineering & MSc Automation and Electrical Engineering

For those interested in:

  • control engineering
  • electromechanics
  • embedded systems
  • distributed generation technologies
  • electric power generation
  • stability and control
  • solving engineering problems

The MSc in Electric Power Engineering & MSc in Automation and Electrical Engineering between the Iceland School of Energy in Iceland and Aalto University in Finland may be right for you.

INRS, Canada: MSc Sustainable Energy & MSc Earth Science

For those interested in

  • Geothermal energy
  • Geological engineering
  • Earth sciences research
  • Sustainable energy technologies

The MSc in Sustainable Energy and MSc in Earth Sciences between the Iceland School of Energy and INRS in Canada could be the perfect fit.

Short Programmes and Professional Development

Energy Field School

For those who do not have two years to invest in their green studies or are looking for an introduction to the energy industry, the summer school condenses a semester of introductory courses into 3 weeks to give students a comprehensive overview the possibilities, issues and connections.

Professional Education Programmes

Iceland School of Energy also provides continuing education courses for professionals looking to capitalise on the expanding market opportunities in the energy field. Our professional education programmes are offered in collaboration with all the departments at Reykjavik University. To create multidisciplinary learning options that range from individual employee exploration of new technologies, to group courses and tailor made programmes.

These programmes are for groups only, and not by individual entry. Participation is by request, please email the ISE Development Director at for more information.