Shaping a Greener Tomorrow: ISE Intern's Impactful Journey at Landsvirkjun

Pia's Exploration of Wind and Hydro Energy at Landsvirkjun



Pia Milena Leminski , a driven and ambitious student hailing from Germany, embarked on an inspiring journey to pursue her MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Iceland School of Energy (ISE). Building upon her solid foundation in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology , Pia's commitment to making a positive impact on the world led her to the breathtaking landscapes and innovative energy initiatives of Iceland.

During her time at the ISE, Pia delved into a diverse range of courses that shaped her understanding of sustainable energy science. Courses such as Wind Power (T-863-WIND) taught by Ármann Gylfason, Associate Professor, and Hydro Power Management (SE-834-HPM) instructed by Andri Gunnarsson, Manager of Hydrological Research at Landsvirkjun, proved particularly relevant to her internship journey.

A Pathway to Real-world Experience

As part of the curriculum at ISE, students are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships. Pia enrolled in the Internship in Engineering course at Reykjavík University, which offers students the opportunity to earn credits while working with Icelandic companies. This invaluable experience allows students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications.

Unveiling Wind Potential

Pia prepared several applications for different projects with Icelandic companies, and her dedication and enthusiasm caught the attention of Landsvirkjun. They offered her an internship position focusing on analyzing wind data in selected areas of Iceland. This project aimed to gauge the feasibility of future wind projects and explore the untapped potential of wind energy.

Shifting Focus to Hydro Energy

Impressed by Pia's dedication and skills, Landsvirkjun extended her an offer for a summer job. Her work shifted to the operation planning department, where she played a vital role in ensuring that Landsvirkjun's hydropower plants efficiently met electricity demand. Pia actively contributed ensuring that the hydropower plants met demand while undergoing annual maintenance and reservoir recharge, ensuring a sustainable supply of hydropower.

Throughout her internships, Pia gained invaluable insights into Icelandic work culture and the complexities of energy analysis. She witnessed firsthand the collaborative efforts involved in shaping Iceland's sustainable energy landscape.ALSO_ISE_3_2023

Bridging Theory and Practice

Pia's journey at Landsvirkjun has been transformative, providing her with experience and allowing her to apply her academic knowledge in a practical setting. The hands-on nature of her internships has solidified her understanding of wind and hydro energy, and she has become an emerging professional in the field of renewable energy. 

Pia's internships at Landsvirkjun have not only deepened her technical knowledge but also broadened her perspective on the sustainable energy industry. She celebrates the opportunity to contribute to Iceland's sustainable energy future and is grateful for the supportive environment at Landsvirkjun. 

Inspiring Future Innovators

Pia's journey serves as an inspiration to other students at ISE, encouraging them to pursue internships and gain hands-on experience. Her success demonstrates the importance of bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical applications, fostering a generation of future innovators in sustainable energy. Pia's dedication, combined with the academic foundation she acquired at ISE, has paved the way for a promising career in the renewable energy sector. 


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