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15.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: Predicting weather-related transmission line failures using machine learning

REYKJAVIK, July 15 - After conducting his studies, Roddy Akeel successfully defended his master's thesis where he attempted to improve reliability assessments by developing an informational tool that predicts weather-related transmission line failures. Roddy's work was supervised by Ragnar Kristjánsson from Reykjavik University, and Samuel Perkin from Landsnet. 

9.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: 3D Modelling of Faulting and Intrusion of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, Colombia

REYKJAVIK, July 9 – After conducting her studies, Chelsea Arlette Magpantay Cervantes successfully defended her thesis where she used ArcGIS and Leapfrog to create 3D subsurface models that integrated geoscientific data about the Nevado del Ruiz stratovolcano. Chelsea's work was supervised by Juliet Newson, from Reykjavik University, and Daniela Blessent from the University of Medellin.

4.7.2019 : MSc Thesis: Alternative heating systems for northern remote communities: Techno-economic analysis of ground-source heat pumps in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada

REYKJAVIK, July 3 – After conducting her studies, Evelyn Gunawan successfully defended her thesis where she analyzed the possibility of using geothermal energy as a heating alternative to the diesel furnaces currently being used to meet residential heating demand in the capital of Nunavik. Evelyn's work was supervised by Juliet Newson, Páll Jensson both from Reykjavik University, Jasmin Raymond, and Nicolò Giordano both from INRS.

13.6.2019 : MSc Thesis: Feasibility Study including preliminary design of a Micro-cycle binary power project with direct use applications for a single low temperature production well in Grafarbakki, Iceland

REYKJAVIK, June 13 – After conducting her studies, Victoria Nyaga successfully defended her thesis where she designed a micro-cycle binary power plant and analyzed the feasibility through technical and economic perspectives. Victoria’s work was supervised by William Scott Harvey and Juliet Newson from Reykjavík University.

22.4.2019 : MSc Thesis: Financial Modelling and Analysis of Power Project Finance: A Case Study of Ngozi Geothermal Power Project, Southwest Tanzania

REYKJAVIK, APRIL 22 – After conducting his studies, Chagaka Kalimbia successfully defended his thesis where he performed a detailed financial and economic analysis for a 30 MW geothermal power project in Ngozi. Chagaka’s work was supervised by Páll Jensson from Reykjavík University. 

10.12.2018 : Geo-scientist turned energy trader

Gaynor Mcllraith graduated from the Iceland School of Energy (ISE)  in July 2018 with an MSc. in sustainable energy science. She graduated from the Queen’s University with a BSc. in environmental sciences and geological sciences. 

29.10.2018 : Arctic Circle Conference 2018

REYKJAVIK, OCTOBER 29 - The Arctic Circle has been gathering annually since 2013. This conference brings policymakers, academics and business people together. Over 2000 people from over 60 countries came together to discuss the challenges that the Arctic is facing as well as the solutions being implemented. This took on many forms, including plenary sessions, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions.

One breakout session The Arctic Innovation Lab: 15 ideas for a better Arctic, was organized by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and featured two Iceland School of Energy students: Sydney Le Cras and Renata Bade Barajas. 

10.10.2018 : Reforestation in Ulfjotsvatn

REYKJAVIK, OCTOBER 10 - At the end of September, the U.S. Embassy in Iceland teamed up with Landvernd and the Icelandic Forestry Association to lead about 60 volunteers in planting over 1,500 trees at Ulfljotsvatn. 

27.9.2018 : Circwaste: helping reduce waste through the circular economy

REYKJAVIK, September 27 – It is important to tackle large problems such as climate change through various angles, to take a multi-disciplinary that breaks it down to concrete issues that need to be addressed. One often overlooked issue is that of waste. When not properly addressed, objects like plastic, glass or more generally domestic or toxic materials end up in the environment for a very long time. Traditionally, the economy has operated linearly which has led to increasing, almost unmanageable amounts of waste. 

24.9.2018 : Top 40 under 40 Women in Kenya

REYKJAVIK, SEPTEMBER 24 - One of Iceland School of Energy's second-year sustainable energy engineering students, Winnie Adhiambo Apiyo, was named one of Kenya's Top forty under forty women by Business Daily.

13.9.2018 : The International Carbon Conference hosted by Reykjavik Energy

REYKJAVIK, SEPTEMBER 13 – The International Carbon Conference(ICC) is taking place from the 10th of September to the 14th. This conference brought together professionals and experts in carbon capture to discuss the current projects in place to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. Ragna Björk Bragadóttir, an Iceland School of Energy Student who worked at Orkuveita Reykjavikur (OR) over the summer is the manager of the conference and played a large role in putting together the conference. Where put together this conference. The five major networks in attendance were CarbFix, S4CE, Metal-Aid, Deep Carbon Observatory, and CarbonSAFE.

16.8.2018 : MSc Thesis: UAV geothermal mapping in Austurengjar

REYKJAVIK, AUGUST 16 – At the beginning of the summer, Jóhann Mar Ólafsson MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, successfully defended his master's thesis research where he created and evaluated a thermal map of Austurengjar using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a dual thermal and RGB camera. Jóhann's work was supervised by Juliet Ann Newson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík, Victor Pajuelo Madrigal and Daniel Ben-Yehoshua both from Svarmi.

13.8.2018 : Iceland School of Energy: Summer School

REYKJAVIK, AUGUST 13 – At the end of the July, the newest members of Iceland School of Energy (ISE) were introduced to their master’s program through a 3-week summer course. The aim of this course is to introduce students to various aspects of sustainability, from the economics to the physics. This introductory course is important because ISE students have widely diverse scholastic backgrounds. The incoming class of 2020 consists of geologists, engineers, literature majors and lawyers.

6.8.2018 : MSc Thesis: Low-temperature geothermal resources in abandoned mines of the Canadian Shield: A case study in the Chapais and Chibougamau area, Québec, Canada

REYKJAVIK, AUGUST 3 – After conducting studies is Quebec, Andrea Morgan successfully defended her thesis where she analyzed the geothermal potential of inundated mines in conjunction with a heat pump system through the use of numerical modeling. Andrea’s work was supervised by Jasmin Raymond from Institut national de la recherche scientifique and advised by Juliet Newson from Reykjavík University. 

25.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: Deep Learning for Power System Restoration

REYKJAVIK, July 25 - MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, Alexander Danielsson Moses successfully defended his master’s thesis where he attempts to minimize the negative impact of outages using a deep feed-forward neural network (FFNN) trained to perform optimally during power system restoration. Alexander’s work was supervised by Ragnar Kristjánsson from Reykjavik University and Samuel Perkin from Landsnet. 

20.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: Assessment of Renewable Energy as Investment Opportunity: Risk Return Impact

REYKJAVIK, July 20 - MSc in Sustainable Energy Science, Dwina Andini Soerono successfully defended her master's thesis where she evaluates the long-term financial performance of renewable energy stocks as an investment opportunity for US investors. She aimed to better understand the financial risk and returns within the renewable energy sector as an investment opportunity, specifically for US institutional investors. Dwina's work was supervised by Stefan Wendt from Reykjavik University. 

16.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: 3D modelling of the Reykir geothermal areas in Mosfellssveit, Iceland

REYKJAVIK, JULY 16 - On the 31th of May, Daníel Einarsson , MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, successfully defended his master's thesis research where he created a 3D model of the Reykir geothermal areas in Mossfellssveit using Leapfrog Geothermal modelling software that depicts lithological and thermal information of the area and can act as a digital platform for future resource management. Daníel's work was supervised by Juliet Ann Newson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík and advised by Bjarni ReyrKristjánsson from Reykjavik Energy. 

9.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: Investigating Solutions That Improve Islanding Resilience for the Snæfellsnes Transmission System

REYKJAVIK, JULY 9 - On the 30th of May, Laurentiu Anton, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, successfully defended his master's thesis research in which he analyzed potential infrastructure improvements that promote islanding resilience for radial power system areas in Snæfellsnes while considering the social, environmental and financial implications of said improvements. Laurentiu's work was supervised by Ragnar Kristjánsson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík and advised by Samuel Nicholas Perkin and Guðjón Hugberg Björnsson both from Landsnet.

6.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: Design and Simulation of a DC Microgrid for a Small Island in Belize

REYKJAVIK, JULY 6 - On the 28th of May, Jordan Grant, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, successfully defended his master's thesis research in which he used MATLAB/Simulink and HOMER to design, simulate and assess individual components of a proposed DC microgrid run on solar and wind for a small island in Belize. Jordan's work was supervised by Ragnar Kristjánsson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík and advised by César A. Camacho from UNAM. 

2.7.2018 : MSc Thesis: The Ring of Fire: Priority Setting for Nuclear Power in the North

REYKJAVIK, JULY 2 - On the 25th of May, Enzo Diependaal, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, has successfully defended his master's thesis research in which he used the TIMES modelling environment to create a priority setting framework for the deployment of small modular reactors (SMR) meant for mining in isolated, northern regions of Canada. Enzo's work was supervised by Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík and advised by Dr. Akira Tokuhiro from and Dr. Jennifer McKellar from University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 

27.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Estimation of Sustainable Production Limit by Using Lumped Parameter and USGS Hydrotherm Simulation

REYKJAVIK, June 27 - At the end of May, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, Yagiz Bostanci successfully defended his master's thesis in the estimation of sustainable production limit by using lumped parameter and USGS Hydrotherm simulation. His project was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir from Reykjavik University.

25.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Numerical Modelling of Cold Water Injection into Supercritical Geothermal Reservoirs

REYKJAVIK, June 25 - At the end of last month, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, Riley Newman has successfully defended his master's thesis project in the numerical modelling of cold water injection into supercritical geothermal reservoirs. After spending roughly half a year abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand under the supervisions of Michael O'Sullivan and John O'Sullivan, Riley returned to Iceland to complete and defend his thesis. At Reykjavik University, Riley was supervised by Juliet Newson.

22.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Modelling Consumer Type Specific Electricity Load in Iceland

REYKJAVIK, JUNE 22 - On the 25th of May, Berit Hanna Czock, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, has successfully defended her master's thesis research in which she used aggregate electricity load measurements from Iceland in conjunction with Monte Carlo simulation approach and seasonal ARIMA models to provide short-term, medium-term and long-term forecasts. Berit’s work was supervised by Ewa Lazarczyk Carlson from Háskólinn í Reykjavík and advised by Samuel Perkin from Landsnet.

20.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Feasibility Study for Implementation of a Binary Power Plant in Lake Abhe Geothermal Area with a Particular Hot Arid Climate, Djibouti

REYKJAVIK, June 20 - Hamoud Cheik, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering at ISE, has successfully defended his master’s thesis project in assessing the feasibility for the implementation of a binary power plant in Lake Abhe Geothermal Area in Djibouti. His thesis project was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir from Reykjavik University.

18.6.2018 : 2018 Iceland School of Energy Graduation

REYKJAVIK, June 18 - On Saturday June 16, 2018 the Reykjavik University held its graduation ceremony in the Eldborg Hall in Harpa, a conference centre in Reykjavik and one of the city's most well known landmarks. Candidates from the School of Business, the School of Science and Engineering, the school of Law and the school of Computer Science walked across the stage to receive their diploma in that order. The heads of each department gave a speech and congratulated the students from their respective departments where the ceremony was then closed by the president of the school.

15.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Thermo-economic analysis of EGS/Deep Geothermal Resources in the region of Alsace, France

REYKJAVIK, June 15 - Emmanuel Cabral, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering at ISE, has successfully defended his master's thesis project in the thermo-economic analysis of Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) or deep geothermal resources in the Alsace region in France. As with several other ISE students, Emman had the opportunity to conduct his research abroad. For Emman, he spent half a year at the INSA-Strasbourg (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in France. His thesis project was supervised by Páll Valdimarsson and William S. Harvey from Reykjavik University.

11.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: 3D Thermobaric Modelling of Central Spitsbergen - Implications for Gas Hydrate Occurrence

REYKJAVIK, June 11 - Last month, MSc in Sustainable Energy, Peter Betlem has successfully defended his master's thesis project in the 3D thermobaric modelling of Central Spitsbergen and the implications for gas hydrate occurrence. For his project, Peter had the opportunity to collaborate and visit The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), located in Longyearbyen, Norway. His work was supervised by Kim Senger from UNIS, and Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson and Juliet Newson from Reykjavik University.

7.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Stochastic Modelling of Krafla´s Magma Bodies

REYKJAVIK, June 7 - MSc in Sustainable Energy Science, James Catley successfully defended his master's thesis project in the stochastic modelling of Krafla's magma body. James' work was supervised by Juliet Newson from Reykjavik University.

6.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: Smart Reconfiguration of Electric Power Distribution Networks for Power Loss Minimisation and Voltage Profile Optimisation

REYKJAVIK, June 6 - As the 2017/18 academic year comes to an end, ISE master students finalise their thesis projects. Last month, Alberto Rojas, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering successfully defended his master’s thesis project in smart reconfiguration of electric power distribution networks for power loss minimisation and voltage profile optimisation. Alberto’s work was supervised by Mohamed Abdelfattah and Slawomir Kozil, who are both from Reykjavik University.

4.6.2018 : MSc Thesis: The Economic Feasibility of a Wind Power Producer Operating in the Icelandic Regulating Market

REYKJAVIK, June 4 - Last month, Gaynor McIlraith, MSc in Sustainable Energy Science successfully defended her master's thesis project, in which she assessed the economic feasibility of a wind power producer operating in the Icelandic regulating market. Gaynor's work was supervised by Ewa Lazarczyk Carlson from Reykjavik University and Stefán Kári Sveinbjörnsson from Landsvirkjun, the national power company of Iceland.

27.5.2018 : MSc Thesis: Resource Assessment of Geothermal Reservoir in Western Alberta and Evaluation of Utilisation Options Using Non-Renewable Energy Displacement

REYKJAVIK, May 27 - On the 8th of May, Casey Lavigne, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering successfully defended his master’s thesis project, in which he conducted a resource assessment of the geothermal reservoir in Western Alberta and evaluated the utilisation options using non-renewable energy displacement. Casey’s work was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir from Reykjavik University and advised by Jonathan Banks from University of Alberta.

24.5.2018 : MSc Thesis: Steady State Numerical Modelling of Los Humeros Geothermal Field

REYKJAVIK, May 24 - At the beginning of this month, Scherezade Diaz Martos, MSc in Sustainable Energy successfully defended her master’s thesis project, in which she conducted a steady state numerical modelling of the Los Humeros geothermal field. Scherezade was supervised by Juliet Newson from Reykjavik University. Michael John O´Sullivan from the University of Auckland was present as an examiner.

16.5.2018 : MSc Thesis: Well Bore Stability - Principles and Analysis in Geothermal Well Drilling

REYKJAVIK, May 16 - Recently, Samuel Ikinya Nganga, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering successfully defended his master's thesis project, in which he analysed the well bore stability, with respect of principles and analysis in geothermal well drilling. Samuel was supervised by Juliet Newson from Reykjavik University and Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson from Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), Iceland's consulting and research institute providing services to the nation's power industry, government and other companies. 

14.5.2018 : MSc Thesis: Inciting Residential Demand Side Participation in Electricity Markets: Three Elasticity Issues That Stand in the Way

REYKJAVIK, May 14 - On the 2nd of May, MSc of Sustainable Energy Science student at ISE, Sam Denison Bailly successfully defended his master thesis project, in which he explored and identified three elasticity issues that hinder residential demand side participation in electricity markets. Sam was supervised by Ewa Lazarczyk from Reykjavik University. Magni Þ.Pálsson, who works as a Specialist in Power System Analysis in Landsnet, Icelandic transmission system operator, was appointed as examiner.

9.5.2018 : An Interview with Phoebe Parson, a Visiting Scholar from University of Waikato, New Zealand

REYKJAVIK, May 9 - At ISE, we welcome visiting scholars and fellows from other universities and believe that such visit enriches the individual and the community's academic endeavours, as well as further collaboration between both institutions. Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host Phoebe Parson, a PhD candidate at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, who flew across the world to visit Iceland. During her stay, we had the wonderful opportunity to interview Phoebe.

7.5.2018 : On an International Spotlight: Representing ISE at the 2018 Iceland Geothermal Conference

REYKJAVIK, May 5 - Last 24-27 April, numerous local and foreign professionals attended the 2018 Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC) held at Harpa Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland. The IGC is an international platform that brings together industry leaders, scientists and policy makers, with over 550 participants coming from 40 countries. This year, ISE became a partner of the event. We hosted the pre-conference event and even held our own session during the conference. Juliet Newson, Director of ISE, was also invited to moderate the opening and closing events.

3.5.2018 : MSc Thesis: Geothermal Potential Evaluation of Lausanne, VD, Switzerland

REYKJAVIK, May 3 - Last week, MSc of Sustainable Energy Science student at ISE, Romain Metge successfully defended his master's thesis project, in which he evaluated the geothermal potential of Lausanne, Switzerland. Romain was supervised by Juliet Newson from Reykjavik University and Francesco Barone from Services Industriels de Lausanne (SiL).

24.4.2018 : Meet the Industry 2017/18 - Behind the Scenes

REYKJAVIK, April 24 - From taking Linear Dynamics class to securing consecutive internships at HS Orka, Iceland’s electricity provider, and Reykjavik Energy, Iceland’s energy and utility company, Ragna Björk Bragadóttir has done it all. Her involvement does not stop there, however. Ragna wanted to do something to enhance the student experience for her peers. She hoped to bring influential individuals and experts in the renewable energy industry to ISE so students can hear about their work. During the 2017/18 academic year, Ragna spearheaded and organized the ISE annual traditions, Meet the Industry (MTI) events. 

30.3.2018 : Master Students and Alumnus Represented ISE in a Conference at the Icelandic National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun)

REYKJAVIK, March 28 - ISE students, Evelyn Gunawan, Nataly Castillo-Ruiz and Scherezade Martos, and ISE alumnus, Miao Yu represented the faculty at the “Global Implementation of Geothermal Energy and the Role of Asian Development Bank” conference held by the Icelandic National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun). Here, they shared their thoughts and experiences with us.

23.3.2018 : Meet the Industry – 19 March 2018

REYKJAVIK, March 23 – This Monday, Fontavis AG representative and ISE alumnus Felix Michel visited Reykjavik University to speak with ISE students about his experience after graduation and his insight on the investment process, specifically in the renewable energy industry. Originally from Zurich, Switzerland, Felix graduated earned his MSc in Sustainable Energy at ISE in 2017. For his master thesis, Felix researched on the impacts of integrating wind power in Iceland to the balance requirements in the Icelandic power grid, which landed him a job as an investment analyst at Fontavis AG.

21.3.2018 : MSc Thesis: An Exploration of Critical Junctures for Public Participation in Multinational Final Nuclear Waste Disposal

REYKJAVIK, March 21 – Yesterday, MSc of Sustainable Energy Science student at ISE, Anja Kathrin Ruess successfully defended her master's thesis project on exploring the critical junctures for public participation in multinational cooperation in joint nuclear waste repository. Anja was supervised by Ágúst Vafells from Reykjavik University.

9.3.2018 : Corentin Trimolé and Julien Perron Share Their Story on Coming to Iceland

REYKJAVIK, 9 March - Originally from France, Corentin Trimolé and Julien Perron are Master Candidates in HVAC and Energy Engineering at INSA-Strasbourg (National Institute of Applied Sciences). As a partial fulfilment of their degrees, the INSA-Strasbourg HVAC and Energy Engineering specialisation requires students to spend a semester abroad. INSA-Strasbourg has exchange agreement with Reykjavik University and according to Corentin and Julien, ISE is one of the most popular destinations among students. Currently in their final years, Corentin and Julien were the two students accepted at this competitive exchange program.

5.3.2018 : ISE Student Participating in a Research Abroad Shares His Experience

REYKJAVIK, 5 March - Emmanuel Cabral is a second year Master's candidate in Sustainable Energy Engineering here at ISE. After completing his first year at ISE, Emman participated in an international exchange program at INSA-Strasbourg (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in France, where he conducts his master research project. 

14.2.2018 : The New Era for Joint Operating Agreement

REYKJAVIK, 14 February - Christopher Mathews, PhD student at ISE and the School of Law at Reykjavik University, authored a published article on “Joint Operating Agreements: Understanding different interests and concerns in the wake of Reeder vs. Wood County Energy”, along with Reykjavik University’s adjunct professor Dr. Eduardo Pereira. The article was recently published in a special edition of MarIus, the journal of the University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.

9.2.2018 : MSc Thesis: Waste Heat Recovery from Aluminum Production

REYKJAVIK, February 9 – At the end of last month, MSc of Sustainable Energy Engineering and dual-degree student from Tianjin University, Miao Yu successfully defended his master's thesis project on waste heat recovery from aluminum production. Throughout his work, Miao Yu was supervised by Dr. Guðrún Sævarsdóttir, Dr. María S. Guðjónsdóttir and Dr. Páll Valdimarsson from Reykjavik University, along with Dr. Jiansheng Wang from Tianjin University. Mr. Gestur Valgarðsson from EFLA engineering company was present as an examiner. The thesis work was funded by Alcoa Foundation.

5.2.2018 : MSc Thesis: Study on Lumped Parameter Models for a Two-Phase Geothermal Reservoir with Their Multi-Objective Optimization

REYKJAVIK, February 5 – Master's candidate of Sustainable Energy Engineering and dual-degree student from Tianjin University, Zhen Qin has just successfully delivered his master's thesis project on lumped parameter models for a two-phase geothermal reservoir with their multi-objective optimization. Throughout his work, Zhen Qin was supervised by Dr. María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir and Dr. Ágúst Valfells at Reykjavik University, along with Dr. Xinli Lu from Tianjin University. The defense was examined by Guðni Axelson from ÍSOR.

25.1.2018 : MSc Thesis: Techno-economic Assessment of Using Alternative Energy Technologies at a Remote Mining Operation in the Yukon Territory, Canada

REYKJAVIK, January 25 - Master’s candidate of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Brennan Cicierski has successfully delivered his master’s thesis project on the techno-economic assessment of using alternative energy technologies at a remote mining operation in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Throughout his work, Brennan was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir and Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson from Reykjavik University, Erla Björk Þorgeirsdóttir from Okustofnun, along with Ali Maddish-Ghoreshi from the University of British Columbia.

16.1.2018 : PhD Thesis: Real-Time Weather-Dependent Probabilistic Reliability Assessment of the Icelandic Power System

REYKJAVIK, January 15 - Last Friday, School of Science and Engineering PhD candidate, Samuel Perkin, successfully delivered his PhD thesis research project called GARPUR on developing probabilistic reliability criteria for Icelandic and multinational electrical grids. 

6.1.2018 : Chelsea Cervantes visits Café Cocondo

REYKJAVIK, January 6 - While in Colombia to create a model for the geothermal area on Nevado del Ruiz, Chelsea Cervantes visits Café Cocondo, the only organic coffee farm in the region of Antioquia in Colombia. Owned and operated by the family that welcomed Chelsea into their home while doing her thesis work, Chelsea is invited to see their farm or "finca" firsthand. What Chelsea finds is an ecological paradise and an excellent model for sustainable agriculture and sustainable business.

18.12.2017 : Winnie Apiyo receives the 2017 Women in Energy Innovation Award

REYKJAVIK, December 18 – Held at Strathmore University, a few days prior to this posting was the 2017 Women in Energy Conference. With the theme of "Seizing the Opportunities", the conference focused on the link between energy access and women empowerment. Indeed, when ISE first-year graduate student, Winnie Apiyo went to the conference, she did more than just attend - Winnie seized her opportunity and took home the 2017 Women in Energy Innovation Award for her work in the project titled: "Automatic Blockage of Grid Energy Back Feed Project."


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