MSc Thesis: Optimization of Geothermal Well Control for a Sustainable Production Strategy using Stock Reservoir Modelling


REYKJAVIK, May 31 - MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering candidate, Arkaitz Manterola Donoso, successfully defended his master's thesis where he explores the optimization of geothermal well control for a sustainable production strategy using stock reservoir modelling. Arkaitz's work was supervised by Dr. Egill Júlíusson from Landsvirkjun, Dr. Hlynur Stefánsson from Reykjavík University, and Dr. María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir from Reykjavík University. Examination was conducted by Pálmar Sigurðsson from Orkuveita Reykjavíkur.


Arkaitz begins by highlighting the irrefutable fact that with current global efforts to reduce negative anthropogenic impacts, many actions are being conducted around different sectors to mitigate the growing repercussions. He highlights that as in many other areas, there also is potential to reduce the footprint of geothermal utilisation.

Arkaitz states this ought to be achieved by optimizing the management of the geothermal resource with the goal of maximising the general output while also focusing on reducing the environmental impacts such as carbon emissions and reservoir pressure drawdown. Aimed to solve this problem, a methodology was developed whereby combining a reservoir stock model and a production strategy all parameters listed could be considered for an optimized well control. To prove said methods, Arkaitz performs a case study using real data from the Bjarnarflag steam station in the North of Iceland.

Arkaitz concludes with the findings of his study, which suggest that the applied procedure will result in an optimized production strategy for the given specifications. The methodology proved to be useful to understand the extraction and its impact on the resource. It also provides additional evidence on how having a deep understanding of the system, its boreholes, and characteristics; can help optimizing the final production chosen strategy and reducing emissions.


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