Student Internship at Omega Algae

Student Internship at Omega Algae


Throughout the spring 2015 term, students have the opportunity to gain internship experience in exchange for 8 ECTS towards their master's degree. Two students applied and were accepted to work for Omega Algae at their pilot greenhouse facility in Hveragerði.

                                                 Jeffrey Jacobs, MSc Sustainable Energy Science '16  

Magnus de Witt, MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering ‘16

Jeffrey Jacobs and Magnus de Witt are working together to develop sustainably efficient methods to produce algae. Approaches include using natural heat sources obtained directly from the source to ensure a zero emissions process. The main challenge is determining the proper amount of nutrients needed.

Jeffrey comes from a biology background and explains the project focus throughout the next several weeks as “looking at light regimes to maximize the amount of light absorption so that the algae can grow the best”. This also includes trial and error testing ways in which the amount of light and non-polluted water are needed for acceptable nutrient concentration. Magnus adds, “My task is to solve [a] technical problem at the reactor”; a very relevant assignment as someone with practical engineering experience. They will also look at pump efficiency to tie in with growing algae quantitatively.

Through these projects, commercial deliverability of the product will increase substantially. For now, the objective is to sell the algae to be used in nutritional supplements and other pharmaceutical practices. In addition, the gentlemen will be looking into the biofuel market. Thus far, Jeffrey and Magnus feel that the internship experience will be valuable for thesis research and are excited to see the potential job opportunities in the future.




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