Modelling alternative fuel vehicle implementation in the US


This past Tuesday, David Keith, Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, gave a talk as a part of Iceland School of Energy‘s Meet the Energy Industry at Reykjavik University. David Keith leads the MIT project on modelling alternative fuel vehicle implementation. David held an extremely interesting talk in which he outlined the hybrid and plug-in hybrid evolution in the US and the difficulties these emerging technologies have to overcome to be viewed as a liable transport method.

David demonstrated system dynamic models that are being developed within Sloan School of Management and focus on the market‘s reaction to different levels of taxation, incentives and price of solar cells and alternative fuel vehicles. The alternative fuel vehicle model was extremely interesting, as it is very complex and models AFV‘s implementation into the transport market under many different scenarios that can be altered for diverse outcomes.

The models can be found on these websites:
Solar Cell markets:

Other Simulations being created by the system dynamics team at MIT:

We would like to thank Prof David Keith for an extremely interesting and entertaining seminar.


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