Student Profile: Yuxi Li

Exchange student from Tianjin University


Yuxi Li, 25, from Beijing came to Iceland in summer of 2015. During his time at ISE he spent a year researching and designing an algorithm that can be used to determine the best fit model from a pool of thousands of models to describe a geothermal reservoir. Yu Miao and Qin Zhen, both 24 years old and from Tianjin, joined ISE in summer of 2016. Miao's research project he intends to conduct during his time in Iceland is fossed around exploring new design approaches to geothermal power plants, while Zhen's primary focus is on geothermal reservoir modelling.

We asked Li a handful of questions about his time in Iceland, his reasons to come to Iceland in the first place and his experience at ISE. At the time, Li was preparing for his return to Iceland after having spent a year in Reykjavik, while Miao and Zhen both had arrived only two months prior. An update on their experiences will follow around the half-way point of their stay.

 Yuxi Li thesis defense

Yuxi Li, how has your experience on this exchange been?

  • It broadens my horizons. I studied a lot of different courses in ISE including machine learning, optimization method, reservoir engineering and algorithm and data base and I found interested in interdisciplinary studies and researches.
    The study and research environment is really good here and students and professors are really kind.

What has ISE to offer, that made you come here for the exchange?

  • They provided opportunities to exchange ideas with students from different countries in the world, which seemed very appealing.

How has Iceland School of Energy supported your projects here?

  • My supervisors provide me ways of thinking and research, which is invaluable for my future development.  When I have questions, they are also willing to answer them.

What do you find strange about Iceland?

  • The northern lights - I had not seen them before. I have seen them here plenty of times, and I still find them odd.

How does life in Iceland compare to life back home?

  • The environment is really good in Iceland. And people are very kind here. And studying in Iceland, one can enjoy more freedom. All of these are unforgettable.

What do you miss about China?

  • Food in China. In China, there always have lots of different kinds of food in different places and you may not try all of them even if you change your eating every day.

What is something you will miss about Iceland, once you return home?

  • I will miss the beautiful scenery in Iceland, which is unique in the world and has been said to be the place that unlike the earth to the most in the world.

How will your exchange and having lived in Iceland for a year be useful for your future?

  • The experience broadens my horizons and I have gained an opportunity to get access to foreign world, which opened a new way of thinking.

What have you done here, that you would really recommend to everybody when coming to Iceland?

  • I would recommend students to try Icelandic lamb, which is really delicious and I would say it is the best in the world. Also, I think the summer here is really good, and I recommend student to enjoy it.

Is the Icelandic weather really as bad as it is often portrayed?

  • In fact, the weather in Summer is really good. Even we can say that only one has spent his time during the whole Summer, can he find this lovely country. And the weather in Winter is also not so terrible, except the strong wind and snow.




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