Reykjavik Energy Science Day

Vísindadagur OR


REYKJAVIK, March 14 

Students presented their work and progress on their internship projects at Orkuveita Reykjavíkur's (OR - Reykjavik Energy) event OR Visindadagur. Selma-Penna Utonih introduced a project she is working on with another student, Vivi Leon on carbon pricing at a carbon-capture and sequestration project at Hellisheiðarvirkjun, geothermal power plant, in south-west Iceland. Fritz Steingrube and Alfonso Barrenechea are working together to understand cold water recharge of geothermal reservoirs by investigating the district heating system in Seltjarnes – a town just west of Reykjavik. Shanna Dacanay is working on creating a system of valuation for pollution on aquifer sources. 

Vivi Leon and Selma-Penna Utonih's Presentation

Alfonso Barrenchea and Fritz Steingrube's presentation

Shanna-Lei Dacanay's presentation


Selma-Penna explaining the work that has been made on pricing carbon at Hellisheiði Power Plant



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