Iceland School of Energy: Summer School

Reykjavik University welcomes its newest members


REYKJAVIK, AUGUST 13 – At the end of the July, the newest members of Iceland School of Energy (ISE) were introduced to their master's program through a 3-week summer course. The aim of this course is to introduce students to various aspects of sustainability, from the economics to the physics. This introductory course is important because ISE students have widely diverse scholastic backgrounds. The incoming class of 2020 consists of geologists, engineers, literature majors and lawyers.


The summer school program curriculum is made up of lectures from international guests, individual and group projects, and field trips. The students went on a total of three trips where they visited power plants and some of Iceland's sight-seeing hot spots. Students toured geothermal and hydropower plants led by industry experts. By combining site visits with nature sightseeing ISE students gained a valuable perspective on the tradeoff necessary to implement renewable energy power plants, thus gaining insight into public perception. The main instructor for this class Dr. David Finger, helps students navigate the balance between implementing new technology and nature preservation.  

Once again we extend a warm welcome to the ISE class of 2020! 


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By bringing together the best from industry and academia, Iceland School of Energy provides a unique, and comprehensive training for its students. A wide range of courses taught by the very best in their field open a broad spectrum of possibilities for students and allow for individual study designs. Focus is put on close collaboration with industry experts while maintaining high academic quality of the work.

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