Meet the Industry – February 22, 2016


REYKJAVIK, February 22 - The Iceland School of Energy held a Meet the Energy Industry talk featuring the team behind IceWind. This wind turbine startup in Iceland that has appeared in CNBC News and recently attracted significant investment through angel investors and crowdfunding projects. 

IceWindCW-RWIceWind specializes in small scale vertical axis turbines for extreme weather conditions. Currently their two products include the IceWind RW turbine, designed for telecom towers and surveillance spots and the IceWind CW which aims to provide energy for homes and cabins.

 The company currently operates on a small scale within the Icelandic market. However, they have plans for entering the US and Nigerian markets. With significant public interest and media attention after the CNBC News feature, IceWind is looking to expand their operations and focus on developing more renewable energy solutions.

Read more at the IceWind website



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