MSc Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Shipping/Maritime Industry and Shipping Container Repurposing/Recycling


REYKJAVIK, September 14 - MSc in Sustainable Energy candidate, Veronica Martin, successfully defended her master's thesis where she researched the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the shipping/maritime industry with respects to shipping container repurposing/recycling. Veronica's work was supervised by R. Morgan Greene from Reykjavik university.


Veronica begins by stating that the need for companies in the shipping/maritime industry to establish competitive advantage through CSR has become more important. Veronica continues, explaining how shipping container repurposing/recycling is a logical example of a CSR practice as more sustainable solutions for retired shipping containers are needed. The implementation, however, of CSR and associated strategies may not be easy for companies to achieve.

Setting the context of her work, Veronica states that the purpose of her thesis was to examine how CSR is utilised in the shipping/maritime industry and if shipping container repurposing/recycling can be a viable part of a company's CSR strategy. Her examination discussed the challenges that the shipping/maritime industry faces when considering implementation of CSR and associated strategies. 

Veronica's research contributed to the gap that occurred when seeking information about the incorporation of shipping container repurposing/recycling into a company's CSR practices. Veronica used a qualitative methodology to gather data concerning CSR and shipping container inventory management within the industry.

Congratulations Veronica for an excellent thesis defence!


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