MSc Thesis: Environmental Justice and its Borders - Croatian Nuclear Waste Management


REYKJAVIK, June 4 - MSc in Sustainable Energy candidate, Azra Sehic, successfully defended her master's thesis where she investigated the topic of environmental justice and its borders with respects to Croatian nuclear waste management. Azra's work was supervised by Dr. David C. Finger from Reykjavik University and Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz. With examination by Hólmfríður Bjarnadóttir from Veitur and Dr. Jelena Aparac from the UN Human Rights Mercenaries Working Group.  

PXL_20210604_102833492_3Through the example of nuclear waste management and related policies in Croatia , Azra examined the elements of environmental justice : its importance and relevance for nuclear waste management, and the principles that can provide sustainability to the case of this study. 

Azra achieved this by reviewing data made available by the stakeholders, including media; review of the studies carried out so far and consideration of applied science in the wider social context. Furthermore, Azra carried out eight interviews in the field helping identify efforts made so far toward environmental justice.

Azra's results of the interviews were further tested through a survey among the affected populations (she surveyed over 50 participants). Her study identified infringements of some of the core principles of environmental justice, which she recommended should be addressed in a further study of the natural and social environment surrounding the case.

Congratulations Azra for an excellent thesis defense!


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