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Are you an entrepreneur? Iceland School of Energy and Reykjavik University embrace innovation and entrepreneurship.  We closely collaborate with Start-up Energy Reykjavik, which was hosted on the Reykjavik University campus last year, and is now open for applications for this year's competition.


Start-up Energy Reykjavik is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment programme with focus on energy related business ideas. 

“Last year I contributed to the formation of the company Gerosion, through Start-up Energy Reykjavik as a student of Iceland School of Energy.  It gave me a great insight into the start-up scene and how to bring a business idea to reality. Today, Gerosion is a knowledge based company who specialises in solutions for the geothermal, oil and gas industries.” Almar Barja, ISE student.

Iceland School of Energy supports and encourages our students through specialist lectures and entrepreneurship training to participate in the programme. Last year our students collaborated with many of the start-ups, helping turn small ideas to successful businesses.  Please check out their video and learn more about our industry relations on our website.


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