Welcome to the Class of 2017


Welcome to the Class of 2017!

A total of 29 students from around the world joined the Iceland School of Energy for the summer school this year. Each student has their own perspective on the renewable energy and sustainability industry and have had the opportunity to explore their passions through field trips to hydropower and geothermal power plants.

Group picture of Iceland School of Energy's class of 2017

Presentations at the end of the course included: 

  • Applications of Algaculture in Civil Aviation, 
  • Energy Storage: Fully Loaded, 
  • Future Prospects for Wind and Solar, 
  • Geothermal Aquaponics System, 
  • From Legacy to Renewables – What Drives the Transition?, 
  • EU Electricity Market Harmonization, 
  • Powering Europe with the Sahara Desert's Sun, 
  • Non-marketed Energy Use. 

A total of 23 students will be full-time master's students in the 18 month Sustainable Energy Science or Sustainable Energy Engineering programmes and herald from countries around the world; including Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Iceland, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Russia, Switzerland, Wales, and the United States. 

The programme started in 2008 with 6 students and has been growing rapidly over the last few years, with this year setting the record for most enrolled full-time students. To see more about the Class of 2017, check out our Facebook and Twitter!


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By bringing together the best from industry and academia, Iceland School of Energy provides a unique, and comprehensive training for its students. A wide range of courses taught by the very best in their field open a broad spectrum of possibilities for students and allow for individual study designs. Focus is put on close collaboration with industry experts while maintaining high academic quality of the work.

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