MSc Thesis: Estimation of Sustainable Production Limit by Using Lumped Parameter and USGS Hydrotherm Simulation

Yagiz Bostanci successfully defended his master’s thesis


REYKJAVIK, June 27 - At the end of May, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, Yagiz Bostanci successfully defended his master’s thesis in the estimation of sustainable production limit by using lumped parameter and USGS Hydrotherm simulation. His project was supervised by María Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir from Reykjavik University.

Yagiz’s project involves studying the sustainable development of Munadarnes low temperature reservoir in Iceland. Specifically, Yagiz aims to find out the sustainable production limits of the Munadarnes geothermal reservoir. To do this, Yagiz used the Lumpfit V3 software, which was developed by ISOR, a consulting and research institute providing services to Icelandic and foreign organisations in the field of geothermal utilisation. He first used the software to model the reservoir conditions. Afterwards, Yagiz explained that he created the reservoir geometry using the USGS Hydrotherm software, as this parameter was ignored in the Lumpfit V3 software. Using both of these softwares, Yagiz successfully modelled the production rates and pressure data of one of the Munadarnes wells between 2007 and 2017.

His results showed that the best-fitting reservoir model was found in the two-tank open model. Furthermore, he estimated that the total area covered by the reservoir is 16.1 km2. A simulation of four production limits with and without injection for the duration of 32 years also show that there is no significant temperature change at the end of simulation period. However, changes in water levels might have a significant impact on the determination of the sustainable limit of production at the area. To read more on Yagiz’s work, please see the following link .

Congratulations, Yagiz on an excellent thesis!


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