Silence is Complicity


REYKJAVIK, June 09 - Here at the Iceland School of Energy, we are declaring our solidarity with the worldwide movement against police brutality and institutional racism. The murder of George Floyd and countless other people of colour before him, were flagrant abuses of power and privilege which highlight a long-standing and sinister theme of our societies - not just in the United States but throughout the world. For too long, the structures of our societies have been defined by people using privileged power to subvert the opportunities and natural rights of people of colour.

BLM Reykjavik Protests

The right of people to protest and civil disobedience is a vital tool for effecting change when the normal procedures of law are inadequate in protecting the rights of people. The brutal actions of government bodies in response the newly energised #BlackLivesMatter protests are a grave threat to our liberal democratic institutions.

BLM Reykjavik Protests Solidarity

As the administration and faculty of a graduate study and research program, we are aware that our positions give us power over admissions, grading and the general equality of experience of our students. This position confers on us a direct role in student's access to education, which is one of the most important social mobility tools available. While we are mindful of this in our work and institutional structures, it is a continual effort. We must strive to build a better world that is more sustainable and equitable for everyone and proactively support those who are consistently disadvantaged because of race, gender, religion or other socioeconomic factors.

Since our founding, we have always valued diversity and we are proud of the fact that we have alumni and current students from over 50 countries. Over the next year, we will be reviewing our internal admissions and scholarship processes with a view to improving access to our education services, by taking a holistic view of a student's background when they apply to our programs. We don't just want to do better and be more inclusive, we need to. We invite our alumni, current, prospective students and staff to reach out during this process.

George Floyd Art


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