Meet the Energy Industry: Startup Energy Reykjavik


Last Tuesday Salóme Guðmundsdóttir, the CEO of Klak Innovit, a non profit organisation that provides platforms and assistance to startups, gave a talk to Iceland School of Energy students. Klak Innovit organises many events within the start-up community in Iceland, that help connect investors and entrepreneurs and aid their way towards a prosperous partnership. Their main platforms are the business accelerators Startup Reykjavík and Startup Energy Reykjavík and The Golden Egg, which is a business plan competition. The two accelerators are done in collaboration with Arion Bank which provides up to USD 40,000 in funds for a small stake in the companies.

In her lecture Salóme gave an overview of the wide array of platforms in Iceland available to entrepreneurs and how actively participating in the startup community can provide invaluable assistance when it comes to developing an idea and getting it ready for further funding.

Iceland School of Energy is no stranger when it comes to developing new ideas and working with other entrepreneurs. Last year a team of Iceland School of Energy students came close to reaching the final stage of Startup Energy Reykjavik. ISE students also assisted many of the finalists by providing their expertise in the energy field and aiding them with market research, programming and writing business plans.

We would like to thank Salóme for an interesting meeting and hope that the collaboration between Iceland School of Energy and the Startup Community will continue strong as ever.





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