Congratulations Class of 2015!

Congratulations Class of 2015!


On 31 January, 2015, students in the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University received their diplomas. The graduates have completed Masters in Sustainable Energy Science & Engineering over an 18 month programme.

To celebrate the commencement, the Iceland School of Energy organized a cocktail party. Students reflected on their studies over traditional Icelandic treats with their advisors and mentors throughout the programme. During the party, discussions between the graduates and first year students comprised of thesis advice, future goals, and specific passions of particular study. Among the graduates, current plans include working under an R&D team for a geothermal company, continuing research as an analyst, and becoming an academia administrator for incoming graduate students.

Dr. Ágúst Valfells, Larus Guðmundasson, Almar Barja, Sven Klaus, Scholtysik & Halla Hrund Logadóttir.

When choosing to study at the Iceland School of Energy, students wanted a program which combined academics with practical industry related studies. Opportunities to gain experience in the economic and technical side of energy related projects provided a driving force to enroll in the Masters programme. One graduate describes the initial desire to learn geothermal energy methods to be able “to tame what is beneath our feet to produce energy for us on the surface”.

Highlights of the programme include favorite courses, internships, and thesis work. Courses such as Energy Economics and Geothermal Exploration provided new perspectives on the industry with accompanying field trips. Internships at leading energy and engineering companies were a way to gain professional experience in providing sustainable improvements or alternatives to energy production. Thesis work in scaling mechanisms, steam purification, and economic optimization using lumped parameter modelling are some examples that provided a challenge towards obtaining solutions for more efficient energy processes, and resulted in some pending patents.

When asked about challenges during the programme, students described how the darkness of an Icelandic winter while also balancing time to spend with family was an adjustment, but this was counteracted positively with 24-hour sunlight during summer holidays. Their perseverance to overcome these challenges included taking advantage of their surroundings, such as swimming in the thermal springs, socializing with other students, and drinking lots of free coffee. Their advice for future students is to remain positive and enjoy their time in Iceland.

Focusing on studies and listening to the experts will be beneficial for success in working full-time. Bringing wind-proof clothing is also recommended.

At Reykjavik University, students come from countries around the world with varying academic backgrounds and unite in Iceland to study their passions for renewable energy. Our graduates have accomplished great things and we wish them the best in their future endeavors. Congratulations!


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