ISE Student Profile: Fritz Steingrube, Germany


ISE Student Profile: Fritz Steingrube, Germany

Fritz Steingrube, student at Iceland School of Energy

Name and Major:  Fritz Steingrube, MSc Sustainable Energy Science
Age: 22
Hometown: Greifswald, Germany
Undergraduate Background: European Studies, Universiteit Twente

Why did you choose Iceland School of Energy?

I chose Iceland School of Energy because it includes both a technical and a non-technical track. For me, the combination represented a unique opportunity to be trained alongside the engineers. The ISE's industry relations are outstanding. This provides both quick access to highly successful professionals from the energy sector and also ample opportunity to get a foot in the door yourself. Overall, I chose ISE for my masters because of its wide range of industry relations and the close cooperation between those of varying backgrounds.

What is your favourite class trip from the summer school?

If I had to choose a favorite it probably was the third trip that included the hike from Hellisheidi / Bitra to Nesjavellir. The visits to the two power-plants were extremely interesting and really opened my social scientists' eyes to what a geothermal plant actually was. And the hike was simply breathtaking – we lucked out on the weather and marched through Icelandic moon-scapes, mars-like sands and fresh green plains for hours all the while having a never ending stream of knowledge explaining different geological and volcanic features of the landscape. Truly incredible.

Can you tell me one interesting / surprising fact you have learned about Iceland during your studies?

Icelanders don't let much go to waste – unless it's power. Heating the outside is a widely accepted practice. Does make sense, when you consider the name of the place.

What do you enjoy about living in Iceland?

Pretty much life in general – there is very little that I do not enjoy. People, landscape, even weather have been amazing.

How would you describe life in Reykjavik?

Colorful, relaxed, easy going.

What do you find different about being a student at Iceland School of energy compared to where you have studied before?

I thought that I had fairly close contact with the faculty during my undergrad. In no way does this compare to the ISE. First name basis, phone numbers and no fixed office hours make the interaction with the faculty so much more personal. The option to tailor ones curriculum to personal preferences and talents is another advantage. Finally the guidance provided by the advisors and just general helpfulness of the ISE's staff is tremendous.

What advice would you give to somebody planning to come and study at Iceland School of Energy?

Bring warm socks, water- and windproof clothes and hiking boots and get ready for a great deal of fun.

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