ISE Student Profile: Nicholas Randall, USA


ISE Student Profile: Nicholas Randall, USA

Nicholas Randall, a student at Iceland School of Energy, in front of Skógarfoss

Name and Major: Nicholas Mark Randall, MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering
Age: 27
Hometown: Wayne, Maine

Undergraduate Background: Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Applied Energy, University of Southern Maine

Why did your choose Iceland School of Energy?

I choose the Iceland School of Energy because of my interest in energy. Also due to having lived in Iceland once before, I wanted to spend more time in Iceland. This program has also given me the chance to learn about how other countries view energy use and energy policies.

What is your favourite class trip from the summer school?

My favorite class trip was the trip to HS Orka because we had the opportunity to go down on the floor and look directly at the turbines and their systems. 

Can you tell me one interesting / surprising fact you have learned about Iceland during your studies?

One surprising thing I learned about Iceland is that they have relatively recently started taking advantage of the geothermal energy (for electricity).  I thought that they always had been using the geothermal energy in some form or another (for this purpose).

Can you tell me one strange thing about Iceland?

One thing I find strange is that on one hand Icelanders are energy conscious people but when it comes to public transportation there are no electric vehicles of any kind including subways, trains, and trolleys.

What do you enjoy about living in Iceland?

I enjoyed living in a country that is trying to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels.

How would you describe life in Reykjavik?

Well for the summertime in Reykjavik seems like there's a lot going on. There was always live music or some events going on in downtown Reykjavik.

What do you find different about being a student at Iceland School of energy compared to where you have studied before?

I would say the main difference compared where I have stayed before it is the amount of access that we have to the facilities. The fact that we can access building 24/7 is great!  Grant my law school was a very small school and I know that you can get full access at larger schools in the U.S. Also not constantly being treated like a liability like I was in the U.S. but where it seem people treat you with respect.

What advice would you give to somebody planning to come and study at Iceland School of Energy?

Start the application process as soon as you can especially if you're a U.S. student coming to Iceland.

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