Biomechanics and Medical Engineering Solutions

Total Hip Arthroplasty Study

The employment of biomechanics and engineering methodologies in clinical processes aim of improving our healthcare, reducing future costs and developing more thorough clinical guidelines to aid decision making. IBNE activity cooperate with orthopedic surgeons participating in several scientific projects and clinic trial. One example of the ongoing project is the followng:_ " Three dimensional bone mineral density changes in the femur over 1 year in primary total hip arthroplasty patients ".

ThadarkTotal Hip Arthroplasty (THA) is the gold standard for hip replacement surgery. It can be performed with two different kinds of prostheses: cemented and uncemented. This study, in collaboration with Landspitali, consist in monitor bone density and other parameters in 36 voluntary patients undergoing THA for the first time. The subjects are scanned with a CT-Scan before, immediately after and 1 and 5 years after the surgery. 


These same patients have a GaitAnalysis assessment. Different and important results are obtained from these data using Artificial Intelligence, Finite Element Analysis and Medical Imaging Processing which help orthopedics in planning the surgeries and in choosing the proper type of prostheses. 


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