6th International round table on titanium production in molten salts

Reykjavik University, June 10-13 2018

About the conference

Molten salt electrolysis to produce metallic titanium was predicted by Dr. Kroll as the most suitable method, finally replacing his own well-known and successfully commercialized process. Therefore, molten salt technologies have been widely studied as an alternative in the titanium extraction and refining. Ti-RT2016 provides a unique opportunity for the researchers, both in academia and industry, to exchange their scientific ideas on new titanium refining (RT) process while surrounding the "round table" (RT).

Presentations on new ideas and concepts related to the general field of refining, such as the reduction of the oxides of Ta, Nb, V and rare earth metals, are also invited, aiming to understand the reactions in the molten salts commonly used. Attempts to obtain Ti and its alloys without molten salt techniques are likewise encouraged, in order to get a broader overview of the development of new refining processes. Novel methods to obtain Ti from room temperature ionic liquids (RTIL) are also welcome. The pre-treatment and post-treatment of molten salt reactions are further subjects of discussion. From the mix of these new topics we expect to get an outlook on the future of titanium production in molten salts.

  • Reduction mechanism
  • Oxide reduction
  • Cathodes and cathodic reactions
  • Anodes and anodic reactions
  • Molten salt selection
  • Low temperature molten salt
  • Selection of starting materials
  • Refining of starting materials
  • Post treatments
  • Formation of alloys and compounds
  • Industrial applications
  • Comparison with Kroll method

Language: English

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  • Registration open until May 1st 2018

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Yonatan Afework Tesfahunegn, yonatant(at)ru.is

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