PhD programmes

The PhD programme at the School of Science and Engineering offers degrees in engineering and applied sciences. The programme is tightly integrated with the research activities of our faculty and its official language is English. The goal of the programme is to prepare students for leading careers in academia and industry. The Research Council of the School of Science and Engineering manages the programme.

Upon graduation PhD candidates must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field of engineering or applied science, display profound knowledge in a specialised area of the discipline, and show the ability to perform independent research.

Programme structure

The duration of the course of study is no less than 3 years of full time study corresponding to 180 ECTS. The programme includes:

  • Writing a thesis proposal (typically within one year of entry)
  • Conducting independent research that extends on the current state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Knowledge dissemination activities (e.g. teaching, seminars, publishing)
  • Writing of a PhD thesis
  • A successful thesis defence

Students entering the programme should at minimum have completed a MSc degree in engineering or in the relevant field of science. Students may be required to complete preparatory courses from the undergraduate and/or graduate program at Reykjavik University, before joining the PhD programme or during the programme. Students are expected to spend at least three months, but no more than one year, at another university or research laboratory.

Please note that positions are advertised as they become available. Open positions can be found on our website

Further Information:

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