MPM-program in RU // The studies has benefited greatly and is very efficient


Ylfa Rakel Ólafsdóttir always wanted to study engineering. After gaining some insight into project management, her interest in the field grew even stronger. This eventually led her to enroll in the Master of Project Management (MPM) program at Reykjavik University.

Kona í hvítum kjól stendur með krosslagðar hendur. Í bakgrunni eru stólar, borð og sófi, grænar plöntur í hillu.

The study experience at RU is excellent. The MPM course uses modern teaching methods that are crucial for managing large-scale projects. What surprised me the most, however, was the emphasis on developing personal strengths, leadership, and communication skills. These are essential qualities for successfully integrating projects of any size. The approachability and readiness to help of the teachers are also exemplary.

Ylfa's passion for project management was sparked after taking a project management course in engineering, which she found to be one of the most enjoyable she had ever taken. "When I started looking at the MPM program, I appreciated the focus on study and teaching methods. I also found the study arrangement to be very suitable."

Ljóshærð kona í hvítum kjól stendur við kaffivélCurrently, Ylfa works as a project manager for investment projects at Veitum. Her responsibilities range from project preparation to implementation and delivery. This includes creating cost estimates, handling licensing issues, communicating with stakeholders, securing supplies, and more.

The engineering and MPM studies have benefited me greatly in all my work-related projects. The course covers various methods that are very useful in the workplace, including planning, communication with different stakeholders, negotiation techniques, and much more. The program has proven extremely useful in both work-related aspects and personal strengths. I look forward to applying the methods I've learned in the program to manage even more complex and extensive projects in the future.

The MPM program is an efficient two-year academic program that can be taken alongside professional responsibilities. The programme is designed to provide career-focused training relevant to current industry standards. Students learn how to define, organize, and execute complex projects successfully and receive international certification in project management from the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

You can read more about the MPM program here. Applications are open until April 30.

Kona með gleraugu, í doppóttri skyrtu stendur við borð fyrir framan tölvu.