MPM - Academic accreditation from APM

Learn how to define, organise and execute complex projects successfully

International certification

Managerial knowledge that is internationally recognised

Practical and effective leadership skills

Project management has become a key part of success for many organisations. The MPM programme is developed in-line with industries to ensure career focused relevant training.

Students learn how to define, organise and execute complex projects successfully and receive international certification in project management, awarded by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

  • Learn how to utilise integrated decision-making methods for resolving complex business problems that require the involvement of many stakeholders, whilst grounding these decisions in ethical reflection and sustainability.
  • Develop the ability to assess IT solutions and select the optical solution for a project.

Why study MPM at Reykjavik University?

The programme at Reykjavik University is designed to meet the growing demand for graduates who can successfully lead projects, across all sectors and industries, from the initial stages of assessing the viability of a project to completion and timely deliverance.