MPM-program in RU /// Already in her dream job


"I think the MPM program in RU is great, it's exciting, and I'm always learning something new." I started last fall but have developed much since then and gained much knowledge. The student group is also powerful; I have met many people and learned endlessly from them", says Lilja Sigrún Sigmarsdóttir.

Kona í brúnni peysu og svörtum buxum stendur með hendur í vösum. Í bakgrunni gulur veggur með Advania lógói.Before Lilja started the MPM program, she completed a BSc degree in business administration at the University of Europe, which is located in Berlin. She lived there for almost seven years before returning to Iceland last year. Lilja always wanted to add to her studies, but she needed clarification on what. "I wanted to avoid specialization in a specific subject, but at the same time, I wanted to get a better framework around my knowledge and experience." Then, I started looking at project management as a profession, but I have worked a lot on diverse projects over the years. When I started looking at study options in project management, the MPM program at Reykjavík University appealed to me the most. The more I looked into it, the more I knew it was the right program for me.” She adds that the main advantages of having an MPM degree are all the available career opportunities, endless possibilities and that you can specialize in many things.

Lilja's interest in project management and MPM started after working on various projects in the last few years. 

I especially enjoy working on projects and managing project teams. The MPM program covers the engineering related to project management and the human side.

Lilja currently works at Advania in the field of human resources solutions. She is a project manager and consultant there and manages customer implementations in payroll, human resources systems, and consulting. When asked about the future and if she has any special ambitions, she says she already has her dream job. "I feel like I'm in the real dream job right now, so it's hard to say; I just hope I'll stay in the technological nation of human resources in Iceland."

Kona situr við tvo tölvuskjáiProject management has become a crucial part of success for many organisations. The MPM in Reykjavik University programme is developed in line with industries to ensure career-focused relevant training. Practical project management skills are in great demand in today's complex global business environment. From the outset, projects run many risks, from escalating costs and delays to ultimately non-completion, often because the project needed to be more flexible. The unsuccessful management of a project can be detrimental to an organisation.

The programme at Reykjavik University is designed to meet the growing demand for graduates who can successfully lead projects, across all sectors and industries, from the initial stages of assessing the viability of a project to completion and timely deliverance.

You can read more about the MPM program here. Applications are open until April 30.

Kona í brúnni peysu situr í sófa, heldur á kaffibolla og horfir út um glugga. Í bakgrunni er sjónsvarpsskjár.