An agreement that aims to increase innovation and research in green energy


Reykjavik University recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Industries and Innovation, The Renewable Energy Cluster, and GRP ltd. regarding innovation in the green energy sector and continuing collaboration with Cornell University in New York.

According to the agreement, a study of the sustainability of different sectors in Iceland such as agriculture, fisheries and energy production will be drawn up. Innovation opportunities in green energy will also be evaluated.

Courses Developed with Cornell University

The Icelandic government, The Renewable Energy Cluster and GRP ltd. have shared energy research findings and collaborated on education development with Cornell University. The newly signed agreement aims to increase this collaboration with an increase in new courses on the subject of green energy and sustainability with regard to the Icelandic model.

"This collaboration encourages many exciting opportunites for innovation, green energy and climate issues, and of course the analysis of the innovation sector in Iceland regarding green energy ," says Iceland´s Minister for Industries and Innovation, Þordis Kolbrun R. Gylfadottir.

Screenshot-2019-06-04-at-16.05.02From the signing of the new agreement, which is for four years.

Sustainability and innovation at RU

Reykjavik University has for many years emphasized research and education in the fields of sustainable energy development within Iceland School of Energy at the University´s Engineering Department as well as Innovation Management within the Business Department.