2 m social distancing at RU


Due to the increased number of Covid infections in society, the Icelandic government has announced stricter measures to prevent infections. Those measures influence the university’s operations, but also give leeway for continued on-site teaching, and for students to be able to use university facilities to study.

The authorities now strongly recommend that those who can, study and work from home, for the next two weeks. The aim is to gain control over this third wave of the pandemic, but the number of confirmed cases seems to have been growing exponentially. Even so, special rules for schools, including universities, have the purpose of allowing some teaching and learning to be maintained onsite. RU facilities will therefore remain open for students and teaching will continue onsite in some courses, for those students who choose to attend.

Mynd af sprittstandi og leiðbeiningum í HR vegna Kovit 19The key to lowering the infection rate is for everyone to take extra good care in the personal infection prevention, wash and sanitize hand regularly, sanitize workspaces before and after use, use masks when appropriate and uphold the two-meter social distancing. 

  • The 2 m social distancing rule is obligatory within the University again.
  • Only thirty people are allowed in each study space at a time.
  • Study-areas have been divided into infection prevention zones. 30 people are allowed to use each zone at a time.
  • Everyone should disinfect their hands before entering and leaving an infection prevention zone or classroom
  • Hallways may be used to go between areas.
  • Everyone should wear protection masks in all hallways, restrooms and open areas, outside infection prevention zones and everywhere where 2 m social distancing can not be obtained. Students are not obliged to wear masks in classrooms where the 2 m rule can be obtained.
  • Teachers are not obliged to wear masks if they can keep at least a two-meter distance from students.
  • Increased emphasis is now put on everyone attending to personal infection prevention: Washing and disinfecting hands frequently; disinfecting work areas after use; using a face mask; and social distancing. Hands should be disinfected before and after touching common contact surfaces, for example in elevators, restrooms, coffee machines and automats.
  • The Malid cafeteria, Kaffitar cafe and Worldclass gym have been closed.
  • Haskolabudin shop in the Sun will remain open for now.

Those new measures are an unfortunate step backwards in the fight against the epidemic, but they are temporary. Let us not forget that we have been successful before in fighting the epidemic with a concentrated effort. We will be successful again. Let's be careful with regard to our own health, let's not come to school if we feel the least bit sick and remember that personal infection prevention is the best prevention.

A list of Frequently asked Questions and Answers are on the RU web.