Andrei Manolescu


Dr. Andrei Manolescu at Reykjavik University


Research projects

  • Electronic states in core-shell nanowires
  • Time-dependent transport at nanoscale

My research in physics is oriented to theoretical modelling and numerical calculations of quantum-mechanical electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures. My work includes research on two-dimensional electron systems in magnetic fields, screening, exchange, and other many-body Coulomb phenomena, edge states, transport and electromagnetic absorption in modulated systems, electronic states in periodic electric and magnetic fields, spin polarization, magnetization. At present I am mostly involved in time dependent electronic transport in open nanosystems, charge polarization, and thermoelectric transport. I am interested in core-shell nanowires, in nanostructured solar cells, and in effects related to geometrical confinement of electrons at nanoscale.


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Ágúst Valfells


Ágúst Valfells forseti tækni-  og verkfræðideildar



Research projects

  • Vacuum microelectronics
  • Space-charge effects in electronic beams

I am interested in nano- and microscale vacuum electronics. In devices of this magnitude the mean free path for electrons is greater than the length scale of the device even under atmospheric pressure. There are many similarites to the well known behaviour of macroscopic counterparts, but at the small scale many effects which are neglected in the macroscopic regime become quite important, e.g. Coulomb collisional effects, field emission, surface roughness and quantum effects to name a few. Lately I have been investigating space-charge effects in this regime. Recent discoveries include a new mechanism for generating oscillating current in a diode, with easily tunable frequency in the THz range; and also simple new scaling laws for space-charge limited emission from cylindrical and spherical emitters.


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Halldór G Svavarsson


Halldór Svavarsson



Research projects

  • Photoconductive oxide films
  • Arrays of Silicon nanowires for photo- and thermovoltaics

My research areas of expertise include nanolithography, nanophotonics, nanoplasmonics, optical bio- and chemical sensors, nanofabrication, integrated nanoscale devices and thin-films. In particular I have been focusing on fabrication and characterization of periodic nanostructures of metals, dielectrics and semiconductors for thermoelectric, photovoltaic and photonic applications and with a special emphasize on silicon nanowires (SiNWs). These researches have been done in close collaboration with the Nanophotonics Device group at the Electrical Engineering department of the University of Texas at Arlington (http://leakymoderesonance.com/).


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Sigurður I Erlingsson


Sigurður Ingi Erlingsson



Research projects

  • Topological insulators
  • Resonant flurescence in quantum dots

The focus of my reseach is theoretical condensed matter physics. I've worked on the effects of hyperfine interaction on spin dynamics in GaAs quantum dots. The role played by the Rashba spin-orbit interaction in transport in semiconductor nanostructure is something I've studied for a few years now. In order to highlight the role played by the the spin-orbit interaction I've worked on multiterminal systems (the spin-Hall effect) and transport throught periodic potential in a two terminal setup. I've also working on novel interface phenomena in magnetotransport in metallic spin-valve systems using resistor network model. More recently I've started working on topological isulators.


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Kristinn Torfason



Research projects

  • Molecular Dynamics simulations on vaccum nanodiodes with field and/or thermionic emission.
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of field emission from a planar nanodiode and prolate spheroidal tip.
  • Perovskite solar cells.




  • 2017-current
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Vacuum Electronics, Reykjavik University.
      Molecular Dynamics simulations on vaccum nanodiodes with field and/or thermionic emission.
  • 2013-2017
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Vacuum Electronics, Reykjavik University.
      Field emission in microscopic diodes studied using Molecular Dynamics simulations.
  • 2015-2017
    • Research Assistant, Charge Transport Perovskite Solar Cell, Reykjavik University.
      Charge transport in perovskite solar cells investigated using Molecular Dynamics simulations.
  • 2017-Present
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Vacuum Electronics, Reykjavik University.
      Molecular Dynamics simulations of Vacuum microdiodes.

Awards and Grants

  • Award from Education Trust Fund of Jón Þórarinsson. (2012)
  • Grant from The Icelandic Centre for Research for project titled Vacuum Electronics. (2017)



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Research staff and close collaborators

Dr. Muhammad Taha SultanTaha_1672659430888

Research projects

- High photoconductive oxide films functionalized with GeSi nanoparticles for environmental applications


Dr. Abdul Rahman MallahAbdulm_1672659459697

Research projects

- Novel technologies for solar grade silicon




Dr. Gunnar ÞorgilssonGth

Research projects

- Spin and charge transport at nanoscale
- Methods of computational physics



Dr. Anna SitekSitek_1672659499462

Research projects

- Core-shell nanowires
- Thermionic emission in Vacuum diodes



Dr. Movaffaq Kateb KateshamshirMovaffaqk_1672659478421

Research projects

- Perovskite solar cell


Elham Aghabalaei Fakhri, Postdoc
Stress effects in silicon nanowires

Kristján Klausen, Postdoc
Majorana physics


Hadi Rezaie Heris, PhD student
   Thermoelectric transport in nanowires

Hamed Gramizadeh, PhD student
   Spin-orbit interaction and magnetoresistance

Yuan Zhou, PhD student
   Properties of Electron Beams from Microstructured Emitters

Rachel Elizabeth Brophy, PhD student
   Perovskite based solar cells

Arnar Jónsson, BS student
Simulations of deviations from the 2D Child-Langmuir law

Brynjar Ingi Óðinsson, BS student
   Computer simulations of field emission

Tristan Þórðarson, BS student
   Machine learning methods

Axel Bjarkar Sigurjónsson, BS student
   Machine learning methods

Jasmín Lára Jóhannsdóttir, BS student
   Molecular dynamics simulations

Former members

Freyr Hlynsson, BS student
    Machine learning methods for random quantum systems

Hákon Örn Árnason, PhD student
   Vacuum micro-diodes

Þorsteinn Hanning Kristinsson, BS student
   Field and thermionic emission from Si nanowires

Zoe Bodinetz, MSc student
   Perovskite photovoltaics

Róbert Aceto, BS student
   Programming related to transport in multi-terminal systems

Hallmann Óskar Gestsson, Research Assistant
   Topological insulator nanowires with prismatic geometry

Jónas Már Kristjánsson, BS student
   Characterization of solar cells based on silicon nanowires

Hákon Valur Haraldsson, MSc student
   Field emission in micro vacuum devices

Jóhannes Bergur Gunnarsson, BS student
   Numerical simulations of electron dynamics in vacuum diodes

Miguel Urbaneja Torres, PhD student
   Electronic transport in core-shell nanowires

Birgir Hrafn Hallgrímsson, MSc student
   Fabrication of periodic silicon nanowires for possible thermoelectric and solar cell applications

Tómas Örn Rosdhal, Research Assistant
   Spin and impurity effects on flux-periodic oscillations in core-shell nanowires

Aitor Gonzalez, Exchange MSc student from Lund University
   Photoconductivity in functionalized oxide films

Marjan Ilkov, PhD student
   Space-charge dynamics in microdiodes

Charles Goehry, Postdoc
   Perovskite materials for solar cells

Abhishek Kumar, PhD student
   Theory of non-Markovian dynamics in resonance Fluorescence spectra

Csaba Daday, MSc student
   Many-body states in quantum nanorings combining Coulomb and and spin-orbit interaction effects using the exact diagonalization method

Anton Heiðar Thórólfson, MSc student
   Edge states and magnetotransport in quantum wires with Coulomb and spin-orbit interaction

Pálmar Jónsson, MSc student
   High Resolution Simulation of a Vacuum Microdiode

Guðmundur Viktorsson, BS student
   Programming solutions for generalized recursive Green's function method




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