Black Box

Black Box: Exploring the relationship between aesthetic design and performance: Openining the black box of aesthetic design (funded by the Icelandic Research Fund)
Existing research suggests that including aesthetic design as an element of innovation contributes to performance. However, aesthetic design remains something of a “black box” in existing research since aesthetic design emphasis, aesthetic design capabilities and aesthetic design outcomes have primarily been examined singly. This gap is addressed by examining how each of these three aspects of aesthetic design influences performance. Second, existing research has not been able to establish the causality of the relationship between the use of aesthetic design and performance. Based on a longitudinal strategy using panel survey data, the role of performance feedback on the relationships is investigated.

blackboxThe project will yield suggestions for managers about how to craft strategies that allow them to reap the potential advantages of aesthetic design to contribute to competitive advantage and superior performance. The project will also make important academic contributions including an increased understanding of the relationship between aesthetic design and performance.

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