The conference will be hosted at Reykjavík University, located at Menntavegur 1, Reykjavik 102, Iceland. This location has easy public transportation, and the Icelandair Natura hotel is just 5 minutes walk away. Two restaurants are also a very short walk from the RU lobby. Reykjavík University is located next to Öskjuhlíð hill, one of Reykjavík's green areas shaped by the Ice Age. Wooded walks are ideal for taking in the scenery around the university building. There is just a 2-minute stroll to the famous Nautholsvik geothermal bay with outdoor hot tubs and a steam room. More information about 



The environment in Nauthólsvík is well suited for outdoor activities, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. 

Horft yfir Háskólann í Reykjavík og Nauthólsvík

The city centre is within easy reach; just a few minutes away by car, bus, scooter or approximately a 20-minute walk.

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