Strategy of Reykjavik University


The role of Reykjavik University is to create and disseminate knowledge to enhance the competitiveness and quality of life for individuals and society, guided by good ethics, sustainability and responsibility. 

Core activities

The core activities of Reykjavik University are teaching and research with strong ties with industry and society, emphasising interdisciplinary work, international context, innovation and service excellence. The RU culture is crafted by personal relations and respect for society and the environment.

Teaching and learning

Reykjavik University offers students outstanding education which involves broad knowledge of disciplines, a deep understanding of individual components, concepts and theories; the skills needed for applying methods within a discipline, and the competences required to apply knowledge in studies and work. RU differentiates by offering diverse teaching and assessment methods, practical assignments, active student participation and integration of the studies to industry and society. The program is aimed at enhancing student's critical thinking, creativity and independence.  


Ambitious research is carried out at Reykjavik University in order to nourish education and create new knowledge and innovation for industry and society. It is acknowledge that research is an act of creativity and entrepreneurism which will only be guided by the researchers own drive. Research is evaluated against international criteria and reflects impartiality, professionalism and recognized scientific work ethics.

Ties with industry

Reykjavik University emphasizes ties with the national and international industry, which is based on integrity and mutual respect for the benefits of the entire society.  The University takes active part in the shaping and development of industry and society, and works towards satisfying the needs of society for specialized knowledge. These goals are attained through education, research, innovation, development, and participation in discussions on issues arising in society. Furthermore the University emphasizes good relations to its alumni and to attend to lifelong learning needs of individuals.

International University

Reykjavik University is an international university that bases its teaching, research and management on international standards.  The University collaborates with leading international universities in these areas and provides students with the skills necessary for working in international markets.   

Interdisciplinary Approach

Reykjavik University emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching and research in order to enhance skills and widen perspective. Effective communication, mutual understanding and respect for contributions from different disciplines are the cornerstones for interdisciplinary collaboration.


Reykjavik University is a source and driver of innovation and creates a venue for developing entrepreneurial skills.  The University creates opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and technology through research, teaching, and ties with the business community and society.


Reykjavik University continuously works towards improving the quality of the curriculum, teaching, research, management and services, and its ties with the business community. The University ensures that its operations fulfil national and international quality standards.

Human Resources

Reykjavik University's success depends on the talent and diversity of its people. RU offers its faculty and staff a working environment that is supportive, encouraging and challenging, giving them professional feedback and the opportunity to be creative and to have impact. The University offers fair and competitive salaries, flexibility and the opportunity for balancing work with private life, family obligations and a healthy lifestyle. RU emphasizes equal opportunity.  Reykjavik University's staff and faculty are professional and responsible in all aspects of their work, with a positive attitude and complete commitment.

Services and Facilities

Reykjavik University ensures that its services, facilities and IT infrastructure create a good environment for study and work. At RU communication channels are efficient and the service is characterized by professionalism, efficiency and a personal and positive attitude.

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