Supporting System

The strategy of Reykjavik University is to support all students so that they are able to maximise their abilities and enhance their strength during their time at the University. The guiding principle is to create conditions which enable students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and other impairments to actively participate in the operations of the University. RU Student Services are responsible for the supporting system of the University.

Disability or impairment that the supporting system extends to can be the following:

  • Disabilities, temporary disablement due to accident
  • Hearing impairment, deafness
  • Visual impairment, blindness/legal blindness
  • Specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or other specific reading difficulties, dyscalculi
  • Neuropsychological problems, such as ADHD, Tourette or Asperger syndrome
  • Long-term illness, such as cancer, MS, MND, mental impairment

Actions and solutions that fall under the above-mentioned categories:

  • Students who are disabled: The building of the University in Nauthólsvík was designed from the start to be suitable for disabled individuals and access for wheelchairs is very good. Escape routes fulfill the utmost requirements for individuals who are disabled.
  • Hearing impairment: Individual-based solutions are sought for students with hearing impairment/deafness. There are instruments in classrooms which amplify sound from equipment and the teacher’s speech for individuals who are hearing impaired. There are good sound systems throughout the building so it is easy to send out announcements to all students.
  • Visual impairment/blindness: It is assumed that signage on classrooms and in elevators in the University building will be designed so that students who are visually impaired or blind will be able to make use of them. Individual-based solutions are sought for blind/visually impaired students who begin studies at the University. The National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind furthermore provides various services for students.
  • Learning difficulties and impairments, neuropsychological problems and illness: Individual-based solutions are sought for students who require special support during their time at the University. RU Student Services and the Special Solutions Committee address matters concerning students who apply for admission and/or begin studies and who request special assistance. Students who require special assistance during the period of study are offered consultation and special support from RU Student Services.

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