Human resource strategy

1.        TEAMWORK

We emphasise

  • enthusiasm and good morale,
  • promoting the collective interests of RU,
  • employee participation in the progress and development of RU,
  • a work environment characterised by professionalism, integrity and respect,
  • creating an international workplace that celebrates diversity and is characterized by respect for individuals and their different activities,
  • creating equal opportunities for progression and salaries, and that people are not discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, religion, ethnicity, race, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion or other subjective factors in accordance with RU's code of ethics and equal opportunity plan,
  • not tolerating bullying or sexual harassment,
  • that employees look forward to coming to work.



We emphasise

  • offering people interesting and challenging jobs,
  • that employees use their talents and are able to grow and develop so they are able to take on new challenges and increased responsibilities,
  • basing promotions and other career advancement on skills and performance,
  • that progress in academic positions is based on a professional assessment that encourages research activity, effective teaching, collaboration with industry and the community as well as contribution to internal development,
  • providing easy access to training, guidance or training programs that enhance skills and productivity at work,
  • providing training in progressive and diverse teaching methods,
  • promoting international relations and exchange opportunities for employees.



We emphasise

  • having a clear and realistic criteria for performance in all jobs, including a clear job description,
  • regular and systematic performance evaluation, including annual employee reviews,  
  • taking advantage of all opportunities to give honest feedback so that employees have a clear view of their performance at all times.


4.        MANAGEMENT

We emphasise

  • that job responsibilities and procedures are clear,
  • transparency and candour,
  • active communication and good access to information,
  • good access to management.


We emphasise

  • general wellbeing at work,
  • that employees feel they can balance work and family responsibilities,
  • support for a healthy lifestyle,
  • offering flexible working hours,
  • that facilities and equipment are in accordance with tasks and requirements of the job,
  • giving family members an opportunity to get to know the workplace and participate in social activities.



We emphasise

  • providing fair and competitive terms,
  • that salaries and other benefits take account of developments in the labour market,
  • that salary is based on accountability and performance,
  • that employees receive support to study at RU.


7.         RECRUITMENT

We emphasise

  • recruiting staff with excellent skills, education and experience and ambition on behalf of RU,
  • recruiting a diverse group of employees,
  • applying professional procedures in the recruitment of new employees,
  • hiring talent according to RU's strategic long and short term needs,
  • ensuring that new recruits receive appropriate education and training.

 Approved by the Executive Committee February 12th 2013

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