Equal Pay Strategy

To enforce laws on equal pay, RU will do the following:

  • In determining wages, care shall be taken to ensure that genders are not discriminated against, and decisions on salaries shall be made in the same way for all employees irrespective of gender. All shall enjoy equal terms of employment for equally valuable and comparable jobs. Concerning definition of salaries and terms of employment, refer to Paragraphs 8 and 9 of Article 2 and Article 19 in the Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men No. 10/2008.

Article 19 Salary Equality
Women and men working for the same employer shall be paid equal salaries and enjoy equal terms of employment for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. By “equal salaries” is meant that pay shall be determined in the same way for women and men. The criteria on the basis of which salaries are determined shall not involve gender discrimination. Workers shall at all times, upon their choice, be permitted to disclose their salary terms.

  • Implement a certified equal pay system based on the equal pay standard ÍST 85; this system shall be documented and maintained.
  • Carry out a salary analysis at least once a year where equally valuable positions are compared, and examined whether a difference in salaries based on gender is detected; the main conclusions of this shall be presented to employees.
  • Respond to unexplained difference in salaries through constant improvement and oversight.
  • Carry out an internal appraisal and review the system and its results with administrators at least annually.
  • Follow the appropriate laws and regulations that are in force at any given time.
  • Present the strategy to RU employees and make it available on the internal and external website of the University.
The Rector is responsible for the Equal Pay Strategy of RU and the equal pay system based on that Equal Pay Strategy, the Human Resource Strategy, and that the legal requirements that relate to the equal pay system of RU are enforced. The Executive Director of Human Resources and Quality is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the equal pay system in accordance with the ÍST 85 standard.
The Equal Pay Strategy is an integral part of the Salary Strategy of RU .

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