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On this website,, there are a few types of cookies. This policy aims to inform the users of this site (hereafter also referred to as “you”) what cookies are and how they are used by Reykjavik University (hereafter also referred to as “us”).


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or other smart devices when you visit our website. In general, cookies enable sites to recognize devices and function as a digital footprint which remembers your browsing history.

The difference is made between session cookies and persistent cookies. Sessions cookies are temporary and allow the site to connect the user's action while he uses the site. In general, the session cookies are deleted when the user leaves the site. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on the user’s devices for a set period of time or until the user deletes them. Persistent cookies enable the site to remember certain settings or actions by the user. RU make use of both session cookies and persistent cookies.

Cookies can also be either first-party cookies or third-party cookies. It depends on the origin of the cookie whether it categorizes as a first or third-party cookie. First party cookies are cookies that originate from the same domain as is displayed in the address bar of the browser, but third-party cookies originate from a different domain.


Our site uses both first- and third-party cookies. The types of cookies found on our site are:

First party cookies:

We use two types of first-party session cookies to analyse traffic and collect statistical data on the usage of the site. The cookies are deleted when the browser that was used to visit the site is closed. The information gathered through the cookies are used to understand and analyse which parts of the site are most commonly visited.

We also make use of one first-party persistent cookie which is stored on the user’s device for up to two years. This cookie is used to check if the user has visited the site before and how often.

The mentioned cookies are so-called performance cookies and are based on RU’ legitimate interests.

In addition, we use a first-party session cookie which is required for the operation of the site but is deleted as soon as you close the browser. The processing of the data from this cookie is based on RU‘ legitimate interests and is strictly necessary for the function of the website.

The user can decide to turn off the use of these cookies. Please note that if you decide to do so the site may not function normally.

Third-party cookies:

On our website, you can find a search mechanism which is created and managed by Google. In connection with this mechanism, third-party cookies from Google Analytics are placed on the site. Google uses the cookies to personalize advertisements and to analyse the use of RU‘ site. These cookies are stored on the user‘s device for six months.

These third-party cookies are so-called marketing cookies. Marketing cookies collect personal data and are only used with the user’s consent. The cookies are solely used by Google. RU use the data collected through marketing cookies for own purposes.


When you visit RU‘ site for the first time you will be informed about the use of cookies through a pop-up window which appears on the site. There you have the option to adjust the use of the cookies.

You can refuse the use of the first-party cookies and/or withdraw you consent on the use of marketing cookies at any time by deleting the cookies from your browser. Information on how to delete cookies from your browser can be found below:


RU may update this policy from time to time, in accordance with amendments to relevant legislation or changes to the use of the cookies.

Detailed information on how RU process personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy .

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