Audio and video recording equipment

New technology in e-learning

Due to the Covid pandemic and in line with RU's policy, mixed teaching, i.e. on-site tutoring, combined with e-learning, has increased significantly recently. As a part of this development, a new and perfect audio and video system has been installed which is intended to improve the communication of what takes place in the classroom to students who study at home. The equipment can be used for streaming and for recording. The system has been installed in classrooms M208, M209 and M217 and will be setup in more classrooms in near future. Classrooms containing the equipment have a sign by the entrance and in the front of the room.

Teachers will let students know when starting the system and a red light is switched on when broadcast/recording is in progress. It should be noted that when the system is in use, students at home might hear conversations that take place in the classroom, whether they are between teachers and students or between individual students. Students sitting directly in front of the camera may also be seen on screen and in some cases their computer screens may also be seen, although it is not possible to read what is on their screens. Students can also be seen on their way in and out of the classrooms.

Classroom recordings are a part of the course teaching materials and, it is up to the teacher in the course to decide how the students' access to the recording should be in Canvas. All recordings made through conferencing equipment are deleted at the end of the course.

If you have any comments or questions regarding technical use, please send an email to IT at . Questions on data privacy should be sent to RU’s Data Protection Officer in the email . Further information on how Reykjavík University processes personal data can be found in the university's privacy policy.

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