Evaluation of previous studies

Evaluation and Transfer of Credit from Previous University Study

Previous studies that the student has completed more than 9 years before enrolment into a master level program at RU cannot be evaluated as transferred credits in the master level program.

It is only permitted to evaluate courses and transfer credits from courses taken at the same education level and which have been completed with a grade that meets the requirements of the School for minimum grade (see Admission requirements above), which shall not be lower than 7.0 (on a scale of 0-10).

It is permitted to evaluate and transfer credits from previous studies up to 50% of the required credits for the master level degree at RU, given that the previous studies have been continuous and are comparable to the master level program at RU.

From a completed degree, up to 30 ECTS-credits can be evaluated and transferred to the master level studies at RU.

The Schools evaluate applications for transfer of credits from previous studies.

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