RU Research Services

RU Research Services monitor opportunities for obtaining external research funds and provide assistance in applying for these funds, developing budgets, and lending other administrative support.

Main objectives are: 

I. Financing research

  • Monitor financing opportunities nationally and abroad (EU and USA).
  • Assist academic employees in writing applications to competitive funds.
  • Assist academic employees in writing reports and running research projects.

II. Research evaluation

  • Collect data, statistics and reports on research activities within RU. 
  • Coordinate RU external research assessments. 

III. Dissemination and cooperation

  • Publish and present RU research.
  • Contact person to national and international competitive research funds.

Director of RU research service is:

Kristján Kristjánsson
Phone: +354 599 6372
Cell phone: +354 825 6372
E-mail: kk (at)

Programme administrator at RU research services is:

Björgvin Ægir Richardsson
Phone: +354 599 6437
Cell phone: +354 825 6437
E-mail: bjorgvinr (at)

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