Valuable therapy against anxiety




Tinna Baldursdóttir recently received an award for an outstanding final MSc project in Clinical Psychology from the Icelandic Physiological Association. The project was aimed at evaluating how successful it had proved for parents to use cognitive behavioural therapy when tackling anxiety among their children. 

Foreign studies show that the treatment is as effective as longer interventions, and in summary, the results of Tinna's project show that the treatment is successful. It makes children feel better, it reduces their anxiety, and participants are generally satisfied with the treatment.

The research is significant given the prevalence of children's anxiety and the long waiting lists for psychological services. Finding solutions and remedies is therefore very urgent. The next step is to make the treatment accessible online which will increase access to flexible healthcare for children struggling with anxiety, regardless of where they live. All to improve children's well-being and empower parents to deal with their children's anxiety.


The MSc programme in Clinical Psychology at Reykjavik University combines the foundation of clinical psychology with the major evidence-based approaches of cognitive-behaviour therapy and applied behaviour analysis. Through the provision of knowledge, skills, and competence, the aim is to graduate well-rounded and capable psychologists, thoroughly prepared professionally and ethically for work within a wide range of settings in Iceland and abroad.


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